Friday, April 16, 2010

Katy's getting married!

If you know us at all I'm sure you remember our summer nanny for the last two summers, Katy. Katy worked part time for us while she was getting her masters and waiting to become a teacher. There was one other thing Katy was waiting for while she was working for us. She was waiting for the love of her life to propose. And finally in December, he DID!!! They have a July wedding planned.

Click HERE to see the most amazing engagement photos I've ever seen. Not to mention some pretty cool shots that show of how beautiful Portland's downtown waterfront is! How beautiful of a bride is she going to be? I can't wait!

Do over, I want this photographer to do MY engagement photos. (No offense to Lawrence's dad, Steve, who got some great shots of us in their NJ front yard next to a killer bush for our engagement photos!) I felt better when I told my friend Carrie about our bush engagement photo background and she said, "Engagement photos, what engagement photos?" :) Okay, good.

CONGRATS TO KATY AND ANDY. I'm sure I'll have an awesome blog post about how much fun we had at their wedding later this summer.

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