Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day!!!

Our newest tax deduction!
Happy last day of work, Grandpa Steve!

When I was pregnant with Bryson, everyone said, oooo, better get him born before the end of the year so you can have an additional tax deduction. As December rolled around I DID want to have him, and have him soon, but it had nothing to do with tax deductions. I'll admit that as I filed ours this year, it did sweeten the pot & every little bit helps, but I chuckle at the idea of having a baby in the right year simply for this reason. I was in it more for the, I'm peeing 30x a night and I can barely walk without a cane, reason. Even so, I love my 3 little tax deductions. This blog is dedicated to Lawrence's dad, who comes out of retirement and works hard filing and teaching taxes each season. We appreciate all you do. We hope this gummy smile for makes you smile after a long and exhausting day and tax season! Enjoy your much deserved vacation!

Click Here to see our other little deductions... :)

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