Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Five has arrived

Dear Addie, 

Today you are five.  You are my most lovable, and my most trouble starting sweet little girl.  I want to write all about you.  And I will.  But, baby, it's late, and we had a very fun day together.  And mama needs her sleep.  

Today was all about your requests.  

We went for a mama-Addie breakfast date.  You got a chocolate donut.  

Then we played your new "Teddy Bear Picnic" Game.  You know what words rhyme and what words don't.  We played two rounds at the coffee shop.  You are a very competitive game player.  Also a sore loser.  Also a bit of a cheater because you want to win so badly.   We'll work on that, honey. 

Then we went to daddy's office and out to lunch with him, just the three of us.  We wanted to go see your "buds".  You were very excited.  You really liked pushing the elevator buttons in his office, and were very determined to open the heavy doors on your own.  You don't know the difference between push and pull.    

You got an ice cream sunday after eating your lunch.  You were "all sugared up" when we got back to Daddy's office.  You were running around crazy.  Very out of character, since you are pretty shy around people you don't know.  You wanted everyone to know it was your birthday, but you were too embarrassed when people spoke to you.  Man, your daddy loves you.  I never thought you had a chance of wrapping him around your finger like your sister did, but honey, you have him more wrapped than any of us.  He sure does love you.  The two of you have your own special bond going and it's pretty awesome for you both.  

In the afternoon we went to a park at your request, and met some friends for a Picnic dinner.  It was really fun.  You got cards from your friends, some new hot wheels, a hot wheels case, and a scooter from your Grandparents.  

THEN you and Lily got to go with Daddy to buy fireworks, while mommy bathed Bryson and put him to bed.  You still think Red, White, and Blue represent your "July" colors for your birthday, and you think fireworks are all part of your special time of year.  

After you and Lily were all ready for bed you started playing with your Hot Wheels and case in your bedroom.  You guys played nicely for almost 1.5 hrs.  Mommy and Daddy did laundry and packed for our next trip coming up soon.  We knew it was time to get you to bed, but you girls are so good together when you are good together.  

Daddy and I love you Addie.  It's after midnight and your birthday is officially over.  I always say that Lily made me a mommy and you made me a better mommy.  It's so true.  I'll never forget the first time I looked at you and found out my heart was immediately capable of double the love.  I had no idea.  You've taught me so much, and I could not love you more.  Four years old was a big year for you, and I know that Six will be here before I know it...that's just how time works.

I promise to treasure every moment with you.  People tell me all the time that we look alike.  Oh, Addie, there could be no bigger compliment.  You are beautiful and charming and sweet and cuddly.  Your many faces and smiles, they all capture my heart.  I'm so thankful that you are my little girl, and I am your mommy.  

Happy fifth birthday, my love.