Monday, March 14, 2011

15 months

My baby boy Bryson is 15 months old today.  Oh, my, how there are barely words to describe him. 

His newest love is Mickey Mouse, he says "Mick Mow" and it is probably the cutest thing my ears have ever heard.  I handed him a plate shaped like Mickey last night for dinner and he held it and stared at it with a beaming smile.  We also went through a hand me down bag of clothes from a friend and found Mickey Mouse pj shirt.  Wow.  He couldn't have been more excited and has worn it for the last two nights.  He got mad when I put his sleep sack on because he couldn't see his Mick Mow anymore. 

Other loves, Elmo ("Emmo") & Donald Duck ("Duck Duck") & Thomas ("Mum-as"). 

He loves running up the stairs, slamming doors and gates, EATING, bonking his forehead on things, giving hugs, getting the broom out of the pantry and finding my full cups of coffee on the counters edge with the handle, reading books, eating books, his monk-monk, pushing buttons on toys that make noise, over and over, music, dancing, hugging soft things (so hard in fact sometimes he needs to lay his body on the couch, chair or floor to hug it enough), going outside, dada, ada, mama, lila, & DUlia (not in that order), pulling hair, brushing his teeth.  He talks all the time, and points.  I remember thinking that boys talk later than girls, but that is not the case.  He can say a lot of words, and imitates many of the things that we say, but it's a family joke that his favorites (BY FAR) are "uh-oh", "mo" (more), "Buh-Bye", "wa-wa", "monk-monk" and "Dulia!".  Actually every word he says has an exclamation point behind it.  He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it with all the weight of his body.  He turns into a loose noodle to fall through your arms and through a tantrum on the floor (usually pretty short lived if you just walk away).  But man, sometimes you shut the bathroom door or take away his tooth brush and he'll cry like he just lost his best friend.  His big sad eyes and open mouth cry, always make me smile and scoop him up for a cuddle hug. 

Jeez, it's been so long since I blogged, I could write a full and funny blog on each of those loves alone. 

He is just now getting his 5th tooth, on the top, just to the left (as you look at him) of his too middles.  He gnaws on everything like a beaver, so many of our perfectly kept board books from Lily and Addie have the bindings chewed to shreds by this book loving fool. 

Favorite Foods: Bananas ("nana"),  ground turkey meatballs, chicken chili, carrots, peas, raisins, blueberries, toast, cheerios, Hot Dogs ("ought dog!"), water ("wawa" - I think he thinks all drinks are wawa),  graham crackers.  Who am I kidding trying to make a list of favorites?  This kid will eat almost anything you put in front of him.  He seems a little oatmeal and yogurt-ed out, but I think that's just because he prefers to feed himself - and he ate A LOT of both of those in the months before and after his first bday.  He likes to try and use a spoon and fork, but gets frustrated when he can't get the food into his mouth.  Putting him in a high chair means the rest of the family goes into high gear getting things done, like emptying the dishwasher and opening the pantry, things that he does not allow for when on the loose. 

I DO mean, on the loose, he is a maniac.  Into everything, climbs everything, destroys everything.  He's a lot like Lily was, so I guess I'm still not buying the boy vs girl thing, but I know that lots of people told us that baby Lily was a lot more boy than girl in her tendencies.  The only difference was there was only one of her to contain.  So for Bryson, we try very hard not to tell the girls the reason they can't play the games or beads or blocks or anything they want during his waking hours is because of their trouble making little brother.  But, they sort of know.  When we are doing a puzzle or playing a game, Addie will let out a sigh of dispair when he wakes up, knowing it is the end of her fun. 

Little People is a family favorite because we can all play with them, make a city, ride buses, helicopters, car washes, but the girls still get mad because they like to set up their scenes just so and get their guys in line for a bus, but Bryson has other ideas for their people.  We do our best to divide and conquer and rope off areas of the house for them to have some space from the littlest member of the house. 

All in all, Lily still REALLY loves Bryson, Addie's still kind of on the fence about him.  It's more of a love hate, she is still really rough with him and usually does pretty mean things to him.  To be the adult in the house with just the two of them, is the hardest dynamic.  All three is better than just the two.  Addie just cannot stay off of him, and if you distract one of them they both want in on it.  If you hold one of them the other comes and headbutts or pulls the other's hair.  It's awesome.  When they do get along (like they did in the bath last night.  It is GREAT.  I hope it's a sign of things to come.  At this age, Lily loved Addie more than anything on this planet, so it's tough that 15 months later, Addie could still do without her brother.  We keeps warning her that she better be nicer.  He is only one pound less than her, and once he is a little more steady on his feet, he will CRUSH her! And we might let him:)

He's taking 2 naps a day some days, 1 nap other days.  He drinks one bottle of whole milk before bed, warmed, even though he doesn't need it.  I stopped nursing him at the end of January and I still like that before bed cuddle that he comes with a warm bottle of milk.  He talks himself to bed, mostly pretty easily after that, with a sleep sack and a cuddle with his "monk-monk". 

As for me, things haven't been easy, I just can't seem to get a grip on all the overwhelming responsibilities I have, all that I want to be and do, and do so in a good mental space.  But I'm working hard on many fronts to be happy and present with my little guy.  With all my little guys.  These kissable cheeks sure makes it darn hard to stay down.  His many faces, his many moods, his funny quirks.  His infectious energy, and wonderful hugs (turned headbutts)....I could not love him more. 

Muah.  I love you buddy!
I can't believe he is 15 months old.  Be still, my heart.