Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sixty Five Years!

Grandma Carol turns 65 today!!

Below is something that our family and Lawrence's brother's family came up with to read at her party on Wednesday. We were sad to have missed it but we celebrated in thought.

65 thoughts about grandma from her 6 grandchildren. Please note that some of the thoughts are really random.
1. Mandel brot
2. Children’s Museum
3. Visiting our house
4. Computer games
5. Manicures
6. Pedicures
7. Red Robin
8. 8 Hanukkah presents
9. Chocolate
10. Having dinner together
11. Going on trips
12. Reading books
13. Card games
14. Going to the pool
15. Sunday panties
16. Getting us up early
17. Milk Time!!! & coffee time
18. Seeing the baby elephant at the zoo
19. North Carolina
20. Play with her
21. Matching clothing
22. Monday panties
23. Singing Little Einsteins
24. Cuddles in bed while reading
25. Birthday presents
26. I don’t know
27. Snuggles “nuggles”
28. Tuesday panties
29. Baking Cakes
30. Cooking
31. Earrings
32. Going on trips
33. Going shopping
34. Buying me cool books
35. Going to the movies
36. Chocolate Marshmallows
37. Skype-ing on the computer
38. Bringing my cousins
39. We like her
40. Wednesday panties
41. Wine
42. Sleeping at Grandma’s
43. Being Grandpa’s boss
44. Matzoh ball soup
45. Too many cookies
46. Happy
47. Thursday panties
48. Puzzles
49. Playing Barbie dolls
50. Playing with me & Ty
51. Baths in her big bathtub
52. Taking us to Oregon to visit
53. Taking me to plays
54. Coming to our house for dinner
55. Coming to temple to hear me sing
56. Friday panties
57. Giving us cool parents
58. Our own kitchen cabinets full of treats
59. Our baby blankets
60. Sending me cool emails
61. Hanging out with me when I have no school
62. Memberships to some of the coolest places
63. Getting mail with our names on it
64. Breakfast at Hayden’s
& finally # 65. Saturday panties

From Lawrence and Jenny:
During March somewhere around my birthday, I realized that my family was getting really old. Dad 70, Mom 65, & Mark 40! Finally the kid with the smaller bedroom wins!!! Although I am graying fast, I am a spry 37. In all honesty, we really love you and can’t express how grateful we are to have your support in all that we do. The life lessons that you’ve taught and continue teaching helps guide us through marriage and parenthood. Lesson 1 – alcohol, in your case wine, and dairy, in your case ice cream, meet all the daily recommended dietary needs. Lesson 2 – success is measured by the happiness in your days. The pride you show when sharing our stories and our pictures shines through.
From Mark & Laureen:
We would just like to thank you for being such a great mom and a great friend. For being an amazing grandma and showing our children so much love. For knowing when we need a night out without even being asked. For all of the amazing things that you do for us.

Mom, thank you for helping direct and shape the memories of our families. We love you. Happy Birthday

We love you very much! These are some of our favorite pictures of Grandma with our babies.


  1. I'm so happy, so overwhelmed, so delighted. I always knew I had 4 of the best children in the world and 6 of the smartest and most beautiful grandchildren in the world, but who knew they were taking notes! Much love and hugs and kisses to all.

  2. She looks fantastic!!! How wonderful to hear of the love she inspires in not only her children but her grandchildren...I love the panties thing...LOL

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Carol. I hope you had a great day.
    I feel extremely fortunate that I am able to share in the grandparenting of at least half of your wonderful grandchildren (truly the smartest and most beautiful). Though I lag behind in grandkid numbers, I'm catching up fast in the birthday department.
    My best,