Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catching up on August

Day 8 -
So 7 blogs in 7 days motivated me, it did, and even though, I'm not going to commit to any more days, I'm proud to say that this is day 8 in a row of blogging! :) As I looked back over August, it is sparse, and while each of these photos could be a post on their own, that's not happening so I chose a few of my favorites to share the month of August that I didn't already share in the sad 8 posts that I did write. Oh the freeing feeling of being almost caught up on something!

Barney and Addie at Chuck E. Cheese
Clifford and Addie at Chuck E Cheese. Clifford is Addie's favorite, both of the girls love him. We just found out that he will be coming to our children's museum from Oct - Feb, and both girls are so excited.
Pink Day with Katy - This was her last day.
Silly Katy and Addie
Lily harvesting her tomatoes from the "miracle" tomato plant. I got this in my office for Earth day and it has been spilled and replanted, and broken more times that I can count, yet it has continued to produce tomatoes. Luckily Sabine likes tomatoes because no one else in the family eats them unless they are cooked.
Katy and Lily fun fun fun
I NEVER want to let her go!
Lily at her last ballet class
Sabine and Addie watching Lily's last ballet class
More last ballet
The girls dancing at music in the park in West Linn. These dresses were SO awesome to wear to a crowded event like this. It was SO easy to spot them in the crowd with just a glance!
Before the music started Lawrence and Sabine took them to the playground and waterpark.

Wilsonville Family Carnival - this is a great FREE event for kids and families all around Portland. We went with Lawrence's parents who visited at the beginning of August. It was hot but we all had a blast. MORE Jumpy HOUSE! Lily is so sweet in the Jumpy houses by watching out for Addie and making sure she is safe. Addie's excited little voice exclaiming "DUMPY HOWZ" is so sweet!

Crafting at the kids carnivalOn a ride with dad at the kids carnival. He panicked half way through when Addie's eyes rolled back in her head and she looked like she was going to be sick. No more "teacup" type rides for Addie for a while. Our annual family picture with Lawrence's parents after brunch at our favorite, Hayden's by the Lake in Tualatin. Lily was being a stinker and I know we got a picture somewhere with her looking, maybe I'll find it and show the series.Grandma letting mama sleep in AGAIN and downstairs reading to Addie. What a nice quiet sight to wake up to. And the coffee is always made. :)
They went to check out Katy's new apartment
The three of Katy, Addie, & Lily
This pink wig was such a HIT, trucker hat on top...BO_NUS!
Getting ready to take Lily to ballet. Over the summer the girls really became "Friends", they watch out for each other and hold hands voluntarily. Really it is adorable.

Katy put a bun in Addie's hair too this day for Lily's ballet. So funny! She only kept it in for 3 minutes! :)
It even got to come home for a while. Don't tell Lawrence, but I think Lily looks kinda cute with hot pink hair.

God's love, need I say more. Be still, my heart.

Addie reading books waiting to go POTTY.

Dress up with Lily and Addie, this is one of my new favorite pictures of the two of them together, they are so HAPPY with the best smiles!
They are sad that it is the last day - saying good bye

We love you Katy!

I left off August pics from our family reunion in July, and will have to make that a seperate post. As you know, when my mom is present, I have too many pictures to choose from (Um, as opposed to when she is not present?). But anyway. I'm getting there. Who knows, there could even be a day 9, GASP!

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