Sunday, December 25, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Angel on top
Tradition was started last year when everyone gets a turn
After a week in New York City, the girls and I got home, promptly decorated the tree (already picked out and standing by Lawrence and Bryson), played some driedel with Daddy, and were off to see Santa.  Now that our trip is over, there is a lot of holiday-ing to do, not to mention a very special little man's birthday coming up in 2 days!

Lily went first (although she is the one who insisted they all go up together).  ALL smiles.  Told him where she goes to school and how old she is, he cannot believe she is already 7, he remembers the first year he brought her presents and it doesn't seem like 7 years ago!

After MUCH deliberation about what to ask, how much to ask for, to get what she wants, but not to let Santa think she was greedy, she decided on:

1. Magic Tricks
2. The Original Annie Movie (no remakes please)
3. Matching Outfit for her and her AG doll

Addie also took a while to think about what she wanted.  She doesn't care if Santa thinks she is greedy, he can just bring less stuff, or choose what he wants, and if she hasn't been good, then he also doesn't need to bring as much.  whtatever.  Her attitude and carefulness over the decision is a 180 from her big sis.  

Her list: 

1.  Blue Paper
2.  Cars 2 Movie
3.  Cars Toy
4.  Stamps with a bin (the bin part is very important to her, she does NOT want willy nilly stamps running around with no place to keep them contained)

Bryson took several candy canes out of the basket while big sisters were taking their turn with Santa.  He broke some, sucked on some, put some back.  Stellar mother I am, I let him do what he wanted to those candy canes so that I could take advantage of the photo opps.  Santa asked him to try not to get Candy Cane in his beard when he came on board the lap.  
Yeah, who cares, have you TASTED this candy cane?

Because he is mine and I know him, he is shouting "JOVER" in this picture

He did however actually remember what he wanted when Santa asked, and I was impressed for sure.  

1. Grover (pronounced "Jover")
2. Handy Manny ("Mandy") tools

And so begins the most wonderful time of the year