Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Piglet's friend of the week

My Addie
Addie's favorite color is blue
She likes Lighting McQueen, Littlest Pet Shop, and Hello Kitty
She had won 2 medals for charity races she's done with dad
Addie is a self-proclaimed "puzzler"
Addie's favorite teams are University of Montana and Ohio State
Addie learned to ski last year, and just got her own blue helmet and blue goggles
Addie likes to snow shoe and cross country ski - she blows everyone away because she has to take twice the steps as everyone else
Her favorite activity is running
She want's to be a race car driver when she grows up
Her best friend is Bear - Bear
She and daddy call each other "buds"
Lily made Addie a "Star of the week" star for Addie to wear for Christmas
Addie's last birthday theme was Handy Manny
Addie just started Karate last month and LOVES it

Addie is my sweet, small, feisty, athletic, beautiful, helpful, wonderful blue eyed girl.  She is also Piglet's friend of the week at school.  So she's a pretty big deal.

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  1. Aw, what a lovely post about your special girl!! I love each of my kids for their very different personalities and interests! It's just so much fun!