Monday, February 6, 2012

Still high off Saturdays endorphins

 As Promised, here are some more pictures from our fabulous cross country ski trip from Saturday.

All photo credit goes to Joel Vermillion.  Even though he smudged his lens while trying to to fix my binding at the start of the day, I don't notice smudges at all.  I was so glad he had this fantastic camera and captured so much of our family's wonderful day.

That's me on the left with Bryson peeking over my back, Lawrence and Addie are the 2 farthest to the right

He kept asking for a snow cookie.  A snow cookie, for those who don't know is a ball of snow which can be eaten.  Notice my hood is lifted so snow cookie only melts on my clothed back, and doesn't get down on to bare skin.  Thank you, self, for wearing a hooded shirt that day.

THE most amazing trooper

I want to frame everyone of these pictures.  Isn't the mountain breathtaking?

I'm free I'm free I'm free, and oh so happy about it
Oh wow, it's like a Disney movie, how amazing a bird just landed on his snow covered hand
Oh ACK, the bird is starting to peck through my gloves.  This look on his face is so priceless.  I could laugh a million times over about it.  
I just can't imagine anything more beautiful than this (unless of course her brother and sister we standing next to her in this photo and everyone was looking!)

The smile on my face was not for the camera

Lily was skiing off with the faster group, so missing from the amazing photo.  Good thing we have about a hundred thousand family photos with ONLY her in them before Addie was born to compensate.  

This girl never seizes to amazing me.  I love you, Lily!


  1. Beautiful Pictures!! It looks like you had a really wonderful cool that the bird landed on your husbands hand!! Thank You for sharing, have a wonderful day!


  2. Endorphins are great things! My favorite thing about running (and cross country skiing. I rediscovered them doing that.) Of course, you have to go through a lot more pain to get the endorphins going for a runner's high. Excitement's a way more fun way to do that! Looks like a great time! You all smiled a lot!!!

  3. GREAT photos, Jenny! The one with the bird in Lawr's hand in so funny!! (Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?)

    I can feel your excitement while reading this. What a wonderful WONDERFUL family day.