Saturday, September 18, 2010

Old Man Lily

I promised myself I would start writing down conversations that make me (and the grandparents) laugh out loud.

Lawrence: Lily come here let me tuck in your [soccer] shirt
Lily: (preferring the Erkel look) Is it supposed to do that like that?
Lawr: What, blouse out a little?
Lily: Yeah
Lawr: Yes, it looks good that way - you look sharp
Lily: I look like an old man!
Lawr: Is that how old men wear their shirts?
Lily: Yes, it's how Grandpa Steve does his
Lawr: Gpa Steve's belly does that to his shirt.
Lily: Oh, (in gruff voice, walking like a ape with arms out) I look like an old man, I am Grandpa Steve, this is my belly doing this to my shirt.

What? Girl cracks me up. If we weren't running late, I totally would have had her call Grandpa himself to tell him the story. I just love her perception! So funny.

Meanwhile she looks like the littlest cutest soccer girl ever. Soccer Saturday take 2.

And look at that, it didn't take too long and I'll actually remember the story now


  1. Hi Lily, If you think I'm an old man, you better watch out! Next time I visit, I'll challenge you to a Jenga contest!
    Love, Grandpa Steve

  2. Lily Said: I'll make him lose. He'll think he's older. I don't think he's an old man. Is he on?

    Lawrence: You said you think he dresses like an old man this morning.

    Lily: Yeah.

  3. Oh no, she thought being an old man was funny, not unfashionable... :)

    Plus, you have to be tucked to be on the team. Uniform bliss! :)