Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Blake William Powers

It's a boy!
Josh and Shawna and big sister Rachel, welcomed a new baby boy to their family.

I had the privilege of taking Rachel and Shawna's mom Becky to the hospital to meet their new little guy. Oh, I really could have wept (and to be honest I did, just a little) at the happiness and joy that filled the room as soon as we walked in. Wow. Watching Shawna experience loving her kidS! Watching Rachel love cautiously on her little brother. Awesome.
It just never gets less amazing. How small and new they are. How beautiful they look. How precious that newborn rooting is. Blake is so perfect and small and sweet. It was awesome to hold him and swaddle him and stare at him.

You know there is a reason that women come into your delivery room and share stories of their own births and their own babies. Because ALL it does is flood you with emotion watching this all happen for a family you care so much about. It is absolutely breathtaking. It's the reason it is so hard for women to decide they are done having babies. That newness and incredibleness (probably not a word but should be) of a baby just hours old is beyond words. BEYOND WORDS. My head was swirling with wonderful thoughts the whole drive home.For those of you who like stats, he was 7lbs 8oz and 20.5 inches, born via natural birth at 5:02pm. Shawna's water broke at 4:04am at home. She is feeling great and didn't need any pain meds. Blake was already latching and nursing great. Blake's middle name, William, is after Josh's dad, who passed away last December. He lived with Josh and Shawna for nearly five years and was a big part of their and Rachel's life. Below is a picture of Grandma Becky admiring her new Grandson. Grandma Linda is likely going crazy in Iowa right now, looking forward to her chance to love on this perfect little man!

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  1. He's beautiful! Congrats to the whole family. I marveled at how big Rachel sounded in your last post. You've told many a story of how Rachel and Lily are as best friends together. I'm proud of her and of her Mommy. I'm glad you got to be a part of it, Jenny. You are such a great friend!