Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7 blogs in 7 days. Day 3 - The first day...

Third day of blogging. Third day of blogging mostly about Lily. Guess this is just her week.

How could I possibly post any backlog blogs when my little girl started Kindergarten today? It almost feels cliche to say since people have been posting on FaceBook for a month about their little ones starting school and where did the summer go and can you believe I have a third grader, etc, etc. But today, it wasn't cliche because it was my baby. My first one. She started real school. The school she'll go to for the next 6 years. When she is finished here she will be 12 years old. TWELVE. Yeah, so I'm sentimental and I'm getting a little ahead of myself. But. Still.

Before we left the house she came to me, hugged me tight around the waist, put her chin on my belly button and looked up at me. I looked into her deep brown eyes, and I could remember those same eyes looking at me as a baby, as a toddler, as barely a little girl. Her face has changed through the years, but her eyes, they are exactly the same. I said, "Lily, how did we get here? I can't believe you are in Kindergarten. When you were a baby, I couldn't imagine this day would ever come!" She just smiled hard at me with her squinty smile eyes and her happy dimple.

To compare how she looked last year on her first day of school, you can see that post hereWe walked in together, even though she desperately wanted me to let her ride the bus today. I couldn't do it. I needed to see her get there. Be with her a few more minutes. "They don't let Kinders ride the bus to school on the first day." I lied. :)
She signed her name when she got there.

She hung up her back pack on her hook. She put on her name tag and she went off to play. She is the only Lily in the class, but there are two Emma's, two Claire's, and two Emily's. Wow. Not that I ever had any class/camp/etc. without more than a few Jenny's growing up, but 3x2 seems like a lot. The teacher has 24 students to keep track of.

The day was great. She liked "Criss Cross Applesauce, put your hands in the chocolate sauce" at circle time. She had a lot of fun, she made a great friend.

Over a year and a half ago I did an Interview with Lily. You can see the answers to that here. My friend Jenn told me about her mom interviewing her on the cassette recorder before her first day of Kindergarten. I thought, wouldn't that be a cute little first day of school tradition, for all the kids? Each year, see how their answers change. I re-read her first one. I was impressed by the difference in her as I read it. And the same-ness. Even before getting this years answers. I remember that her and it is amazing how different she is now. AND Wow did she love Addie. :) Now they fight a little more like sisters than what I'd like! :(

Sitting down before we started she said, "But I'm still in my jammies, is it just talking? Did you take those pictures of me tis morning? Mama? And you already got them on the computer? (meaning the pictures above)

So I was a little disappointed at how UNinteresting this year's interview was, but I'm still going to post it for record keeping sake. Stop reading now if you aren't a grandma! :) I'll try to write the dialect like she says things and also put my commentary in (parenthesis).

What's your name? Lily
How old are you? Five. N. A half.

What was special about today? having my first day of school
How did you get there? Mommy drove me
How did you get home?
The school bus
What was the school bus like? It was very big, there were only six kids on it and it was so big. I sat next to my friend. I don't know her name. Tomorrow I'll come back and tell you that answer okay Mommy, it was either Emma or Emily. I'm pretty sure it was Emma.
What is your teachers name? huh. I don't know. I don't remember. Mrs O. That's it (we are going to call her Mrs. O for privacy sake this year.
What's your favorite color? Pink
What's your favorite book? B.O.B. books

What's your favorite song? All of them. Oh, "You got a friend in me" You know that song, mama? I like that one.
What's your favorite movie? Dora saves the snow princess
Television Show? Mickey Mouse
Who's your best friend? Rachel

Favorite Smell? Mandel bread smell
What's your favorite kind of candy? chocolate

Favorite Sound? I don't know. Is there any sound you can think of that you really like to hear? No. You just like things to be silent? Yeah silence (ha, yeah RIGHT kid!) Music, Talking, Laughing,?? Your sleep music? Yes! Sleep music! Mommy singing? YES!! Mommy singing. I like when mommy sings at bed time to me. (Ahh the power of suggestion)

What's your favorite instrument? Piano

Favorite thing to do at school? Everything.
What do you hope to learn this year at school?
How to read. Anything else? No.
Don't you know how to read already?
No (okay then-moving on)

What's your favorite game? Anywhere. What? The question was what game do you like? Like any game. Uno and Memory.

Favorite Food? Pancakes

Favorite thing to drink? Milk

What's your favorite animal? Monkey

What's your favorite thing to do? Scrapbook with Mommy (TRUE)
? Play on the swing set
Front Yard?
Chalk (what? even Addie piped up, 'what about widing bike Lilay?' I mean she does like chalk but not in the front yard)

Where's your favorite place to go? Safari Sams (honestly haven't been there in a year, too bad, you know since it's her favorite and all)

What's your favorite Toy? Penguin

What's your favorite thing about Addie? Nothing, I can't think of anything. (What a CHANGE from last year's answer!

Okay, What color are her eyes? Blue
Anything else about Addie that you want to share? nothing about that
What is your favorite thing about Bryson? For him to be my brother and for Addie to be your sister, (are you even listening to me, kid?)
Anything else about Bryson that you want to share?
no. why did you say this will be pretty boring to daddy. (haha, oh you heard that?)

How old is Daddy? 37 (correct)

How old is Mommy? I don't know. Guess. 3298

What makes you happy? Did you write 3298 for real. No. No I don't want you to write 3298. What did you write? What makes you happy? When Uncle Matt comes to my house.

Favorite Thing About Addie? She's my sister

What do you want to be when you grow up? An ackerbat in Cirque du Soliel

What is your favorite word that Addie says: Whateva
What is your favorite word that Bryson says: Whateva, mama, he said whateva for the first time today today
What is your favorite word?I love you
What is your favorite time of day? Waking up and going to school
What is your favorite way to have your hair? my bangs grew out in a french braid
What is your favorite Holiday? 4th of July
Why? We get all the candy. No Halloween. Why? We get the candy. And it's out Birthday months
What other holiday do you like? I don't have another holiday
What happens in June? Flowers

Whose your favorite character? June (should have seen that coming!)

What is your favorite day of the week?
Friday. No Friday, Saturday, Sunday

What's your favorite room in the house? The playroom

Do you want to be done? Is there anything more that I could do?

What's your favorite thing about daddy? (Addie - I yuv him) Lily - Cirque du Soliel.
(Addie - 'mommy - I want you to write me. Not Lily. Me!'; Me - I just did Addie.; Addie -'You Ony wote one sing, I want you to white five sings')

What's your favorite thing about mommy? When you get to play with me.

What do you do with your kisses when someone kisses you?I wipe them off and they go in my head to give to other people and they make more kisses.

Do you crack your knuckles? Yes. Why? I"m trying not to but I can't help it. (Grrr)

What was your favorite trip last year? Going to North Carolina. Going to Sunriver.

What do you like about Uncle Matt? He's my uncle and I really really love him and he is so fun.

What about Grandma Lanie? She's my grandma and I love going to her house and I love spending time with her.

What about Grandma Carol and Grandpa Steve? I like to spend to time. And I love all of the wonderful things they give us.

Who do you sleep with? Addie

Anyone else - like your "guys"? Penguin, Bear bear, I have to sleep with Addie's bear bear. the bean beans bunny. Did you write the bean bean bunny?

What's the capital of Oregon? Um I know it. It's where Washington. Is that right? No. Salem
What's Oregon State animal? (We stopped here, she doesn't know these anymore and Addie was getting IRATE that it wasn't her turn to do the interview. Lily wasn't really paying attention and then Addie locked us all in their room. Luckily I had the computer and Skyped Julia to let us out. The girls thought this was one of the funniest things that had ever happened. Bedtime for bonzo. Bryson has a bit of a fever so bedtime for me too. Praying it won't be a long not for him. G'night. Only day 2 of school tomorrow. And 2 more orientations for Addie's preschool. Oh dear, going back to school is not made for the workin' mama. Lucky for me I've got a super AuPair and a very nice boss! :)


What States do you know?

What is the capital of New Jersey?
What is the NJ state flower?
What is the OR state flower?

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  1. I love the interview. I should do that with K, but I have already missed it being on her first day of Kindergarten. Good luck tomorrow with Addie's first day of preschool. :)