Monday, January 12, 2009

Interviewing Lily

My friend Carrie did this interview with her daughter. Since I'm always forgetting the cute things that Lily says before I write it down, I thought I would do the same. The things in parenthesis are (my commentary).

What's your name?
How old are you? Four
What's your favorite color? Pink and Blue
What's your favorite book? Hmmm The one that is this piece from the library "Is this peas" oh "Are these peas?" (We just got this book Sunday and have read it once, sometimes favorite in this interview = the only thing you can think of).

What's your favorite song? Dora Fiesta
What's your favorite movie? Dora saves the Snow Princess
Television Show? Dora
Who's your best friend? Rachel

Favorite Smell? I don't have a favorite smell
No Yummy Smell you like? Actually my favorite smell is the smell of biscuits

What's your favorite kind of candy? Candy Canes

Favorite Sound? The sounds when Addie's coos

What's your favorite instrument? The Harmonica

Favorite thing to do at school? Play with my friends. Samantha and Ella and Alison

What's your favorite game? I have a few favorite games, mama. Candy Land, Bingo, and Jenga and the game that unco Matt gave me (Mancala) and Break the Ice and Cooties and Don't Spill the Beans. My favoritist game is Don't break the Ice. Oh Crazy Eights and Go Fish and Old Maid. I have lots of favorite games in the games section.

Favorite Food? Ice Cream

Favorite thing to drink? Milk

What's your favorite animal? What's a very cute aminal (not spelled wrong, one of the few words she still says so cute so wrong) mama? Is there anything about my sister? About our eyes. A very cute aminal or a very silly aminal.

What's your favorite thing to do? Play with my sister

Where's your favorite place to go? Safari Sams

What's your favorite Toy? Books.

What's your favorite thing about Addie? She's cute.
Anything else? I want to talk about her eyes like what color are her eyes.

Okay, What color are her eyes? Blue..oh or brown and blue. Blue for my sister, mama.
Anything else about Addie that you want to share? Her rash. Please write Lily doesn't have a rash and Addie does.

How old is Dad? I don't know. 35 is it 35. (Correct)

How old is Mommy? 31 is she 31? 21? (Yes 21, close enough)

What makes you happy? Playing. Playing with mama. Actually one other thing. Addie. She makes me happy.

Favorite Thing About Addie? When she smiles at me.
I have another thing about Addie. When she doesn't cry.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A haircut lady. A Princess swim teacher. A mommy to Clarabelle. (this is the baby that has been in her belly since I got pregnant with Addie, and Addie was still Nate)

What is your favorite word that Addie says: Gaga. Coco.
What is your favorite word? I love you Addie
What is your favorite time of day? Free play at school or gymnastics
What is your favorite way to have your hair? In braids
What is your favorite Holiday? Christmas
Why? Because I get presents and Santa is out.
Out where? Delivering presents
What other holiday do you like? Halloween and Thanksgiving
Can you ask me what's my favorite month? October. My favorite month is June.
What happens in June? I don't know.
Once you told me about June, you silly daddy.

Whose your favorite character: June, Little Einsteins. Tico and Benny and Dora and Boots and Rocket and June and Annie and Leo and Rocket and Quincy and Rocket. Did I say Rocket?

What's your favorite room in the house? My room, actually and the play room.
This is a settling down talking thing. Are we done yet mama?

Do you want to be done? No, I want to read Alex's

What's your favorite thng about daddy? Cirque du soliel - Oh one thing that I want to be when I grow up is go on stage for Cirque du soliel.
What's your favorite thing about mommy? How bout Because she gives me the breakfastes and because you bake with me. (I do? I better get on that if it's the best thing about me)

What do you do with your kisses when someone kisses you? I wipe them off and they go in my head because I don't want to lose them. They will just float around in my head forever they will. Sometimes when I'm sleeping they will just be still and not floating.

Why do you crack your knuckles? because I like to, well I don't want them to give me an owie but I still want to crack them. (yes, she just started this and it is infuriating to me because I started doing it when I was four!)

What was your favorite trip last year? Going to see Nicholas (family reunion) and going to North Carolina and going skiing with Nathaniel.

What do you like about Uncle Matt? because he does fun things with me.
What about Grandma Lanie? That she doesn't live with a doggie.

Who do you sleep with? Cancer bear (this is a bear that was given to me for being the team leader for a walk in May, it has the pink breast cancer ribbon on it's shirt. I gave it to Lily for being a good girl on a night when I had to work late. I explained what it meant and reminded her of the walk, and now the name has been shortened to only cancer bear)
Anyone else? Big Bear bear, it's Addie's it's Nataline

What's the capital of Oregon? Salem
What's Oregon State animal? I forgot, can you tell me daddy
What States do you know? Oregon, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Joseph, Montana, I'm kinda tired
(Okay just a few more to show off)
What is the capital of New Jersey? Trenton
What is the NJ state flower? The purple violet
What is the OR state flower? The Oregon grape

I think we'll do this again, it was fun, she liked it too!


  1. I am sure going to tell Nicholas that one of Lilys favorite trips last year was to see him, he will really like that... that was a cute interview, Jenny do you still crack your knuckles?

  2. Very cute! I love how much she loves Addie. We don't have quite that affection yet between my two. We'll have to do this every year and see how their likes/dislikes change. Very fun.

  3. OMG! How funny! I love how silly and yet how adult she sounds - and it's wonderful how much she loves Addie ;-}


  4. candyland is my fav...i dominate that game.
    awww, your so blessed to have good kids.