Thursday, May 7, 2009

The (S)Crap Book

Lily LOVES scrapbooking. It is a daily past time. We were trying it with the drop in pages, but the materials are expensive and the dollar store no longer carries the scrapbook page supplies. I was trying to find the old kind of scrapbook. A spiral bound on large construction paper. It would be easier for her to do herself. But they apparently don't make those anymore. Then my mom thought of a Sketch book ans she found one and gave it to Lily. JACK.POT. Lily LOVES it. Lawrence thought it was mean that I covered "Ketch" with "Crap" but, hey, the first day she pasted part of a Kleenex box on the cover of her scrapbook. And she pasted her own "A" that she made with her sticker maker over my "A". (Yes, great use of the sticker maker tape @ $7/cartridge). I bet no kid alive treasures their sticker maker as much as Lily does.

This girl will scrap book anything. I know I'm posting a lot of pictures here. A collage just would NOT do it justice.
Here we have a picture of me as a baby (my mom printed off a ton of old pictures for her on regular paper when we were there for Easter, a lot of oldies, this was perfect because it glues easier and doesn't cost much, so who cares if she cuts it the way she wants), a picture of Lily's first Christmas, me as a Clown for Halloween in the 3rd grade. And a picture of Jesus with the bread and loaves she did at church. Oh, and in the lower right hand corner, that is her and Addie's backs, watching Jesus do "Fish for breakfast once again". (Side note, she sings that to the tune of Johnny Cash's Beans for Breakfast)
Oh, you thought Kleenex box only made the cover? No no no. Almost every Kleenex box (and every other peice of crap, er, scrap) she wants to "save to scrapbook it". So on the left is 2 Kleenex boxes parts she's scrapped.

Last summer Katy made a scrapbook with the girls, I made a color copy of it and had it spiral bound for her at the end of the summer. The copy lady gave me all the mess up pages, and of course "scrapbook city" for Lily. Scrapbooking a scrapbook.

She did all of these borders by herself. I'm often surprised and amazing at the craftiness she does. She has done this scrapbook almost entirely herself during her hour of quiet time in her room. Scissors, glue stick, and random pictures, notes, stickers, and supplies. We love to see what she comes up with.
Uncle Matt kissing that dolphin was a picture she found in "her room" at Grandma Lanie's that is Matt's old room. No problem, Gma scanned it, and wala, it appears about 5x in her scrapbook now!
After I made all of the collages for this blog, I decided to get a few printed for Lily. That way instead of 19 cents per print, she could get about 7 pictures for the same price, and she loves to cut them all apart too. Any time I want her to let me take a picture and she doesn't want to I tell her that I'll get her a copy to scrapbook and she usually sits still and gets me the picture I want, now her sister...doesn't care so much about that. Also if I take a picture, she says, "can you take two so I can scrapbook one too? Ha. No concept of 2 prints of the same photo. Two crafts she made at school during Easter week. The cotton for the bunny's tail was supposed to go on the back, but she knew she couldn't scrap it that way so she put it on the front! Always thinking ahead.
Christmas Kleenex box, need I say more? This was the first one. A few days ago she said she might not do anymore Kleenex boxes because her hand was tired from cutting them. Though she did bring in the Go-Gurt box the next day.
This is a "Very Soft" page made with lots of cotton balls and yarn. I can't believe how well a glue stick sticks some of this stuff.

Uncle Mark & Lily, skiing, typing at school and a few stencils. A little of this, a little of that...
Lawrence stepping on the glass during our wedding, Strawberry Shortcake Pictures, and Lily and Lucy at Chuck E Cheese. Do I sense a theme here?

Tin foil and not filled out coupons for good behavior with a Run for the Cheetah brochure.
Wedding kiss and writing

Good listener Apples and stain glass
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Scrapbooking in Joseph with the new supplies Gma got her
All fun making aside, I'm really proud of how creative Lily is. It is so funny to us the things that she comes up with to (S)crap. The good news it keeps all of her riff raff in one book, and it is fun to look through with her because she is so proud to show you what she was thinking and she has a great story to go with every page. Her little brain is working so so hard in all of the randomness, and it is endearing. I know this made for a long post, but I really couldn't describe the fullness of all the scrapbooking without showing a lot of it in detail. And this is record keeping for me. Some day when her room is filled with volumes of scrapbooks, I'm sure I will look back at this entry and laugh at myself for taking the time to document it all in detail!


  1. Has Lily started on her second (S)crap book yet? The original was getting pretty full at Easter.
    I think Lily is the best 4-year-old scrapbooker in the world!h

  2. a girl after my own heart!!! what a wonderful post and how creative she is. i love the cotton ball tail moved to the front - clever! and the kleenex boxes, tooo tooo cute! xoxo and hugs to your sweet family, :DL