Monday, May 10, 2010

As it should be

Tonight when Lawrence went to check on the girls before going to bed, Addie wasn't in her bed. Since the girls started sharing a room last July, it has been all but easy. We often can't believe how much work it has added to the bedtime routine, and how LONG it's taking to get easy. It's exhausting. Lots of stalling and waking each other and coming out and egging each other on and getting in trouble and daddy losing his temper and mommy losing her mind. Sometimes we hear them sweetly laughing or comforting each other. And we think, that's how it should be when you share a room with your sister. If you don't go to sleep right away, fine, don't torture your parents, don't bite each other, or get each other in trouble. Giggle. Talk. Play. Snuggle.

But tonight they didn't come out, they didn't whine and cry, it was as it should be. But then with Addie missing from her little toddler bed, we had to look for her.

And it was as it should be...
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After an long day of work, which is not yet over, this reminds me, all is as it should be.

This is what's great about sharing a room with your sister.


  1. So cute. If it had been my kids, Stuart would have elbowed Marcus in the face when they woke up. I hope Lily was nicer.

  2. Absolutely adorable!! I cannot wait for this to happen with my girls. Caroline is still in her crib...but hopefully not for long!

    Very, very sweet picture :)