Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

When I was a kid, I thought that unconditional love from a mother was a given. I took it for granted, took advantage of it, even. I never ever ever wondered if I was loved and cherished by my mom. She taught me that I was valuable beyond what I believed. She always says that she muddled through it, but when I think back about my home in my childhood, I remember how much she loves me. I hope, HOPE, that for all I do in my life with my children, they will be able to say that about me. I hope that for all the mistakes that I make in this blessed life I have with the gifts of my beautiful children, they can grow up and say, "I know how much she loves me".

Before I wrote today about the amazing day we had, I wanted to first tell my own Mother how much I love her. I'm sorry that we weren't together today, but I want you to know that you did and do so much right...and you still support me in ways I can't put in to words. I love you, Mom!

Now about my awesome day!

I got to sleep in until almost 8:30 this morning. We had a bottle ready to go for Bryson, so I could REALLY sleep in. To wake me up Addie came in and said, "Mommy, you want to come down-tairs? It is Mudders day, mommy, and we have tings for you? You want to do dat mama?" I said I'd be down in a minute, but I took my time, and smiled every time I thought of that cute little voice saying, "you want to do dat mama?" and how cute it was for her to say "Happy Mudders Day". It was the first year that she was excited about making me Mudders Day presents. Lily helped her sneak to the craft area and make me, Grandma Carol, and Grandma Lanie some craptastic gifts. We are talking tissue paper glued to post it notes stamped with business address stamps then scribbled on by a crayon. AWESOME. I got at LEAST 25 things in my little bag from them. Some of it was very creative and so sweet, and they beamed with pride as I opened each little overly folded piece of paper. (Sorry for the spoiler mom, since yours hasn't been mailed yet!) Lily kept reminding everyone that it was Mother's Day and kept stopping what she was doing and smiling at me, so sweet. She kept asking me if it was my favorite Mother's Day. I told her it was. It was my first one with all three of my kids, and aside from the first one which was special because it was just that, it was pretty relaxing, fun, and did I mention I got to sleep in?

Lawrence made a great breakfast, complete with his famous heart shaped eggs for me.

Then we packed up and got ready to go taste some wine. First up was Ponzi, only a little over a mile from our house. I took two sips of the complementary Chardonnay and then headed outside with the girls (they had a nice coloring area for them!) we walked through the vineyard and took some cute pictures, while Bryson slept on me. It was SO beautiful out, and we had a fantastic time.

We went to one more winery, no kids were allowed inside, so I sat outside with them and we looked at chickens and drank some water before we headed to the Nature Park for the picnic we had packed. There was a sand box area, and the kids played for over an hour in that, right next to our picnic table. Bryson napped in the stroller, and we ate and ate.

Sabine was in Vegas part of this week, and so it was wonderful to have Lawrence's parents visiting from NJ to help out with the kids and the house. They really got to bond with all three of the kids this time and were here for a full week. Both enjoyed getting to know Bryson more, and got extra cuddle time from Addie who was up at 5am several of the days this week! Lily was so sad to have them leave, and is already looking forward to seeing them again in August for our family vacation. Thank you guys for everything!! We really appreciate it!

Saving the best for last. FINALLY for the first time, I was able to get Bryson laughing on camera, and he really showed up for the occasion. Maybe it's because I am his mother, and I think he laugh is the sweetest thing I've ever heard, but I hope that this laugh will melt your heart the way it does mine. Sorry about the whiter than white legs. It's our first sun in Portland this week (and even if I didn't have that excuse...they'll probably be blinding you in pictures in August too!! :)

Happy Mother's Day - hope this brings a smile to your face and heart like it did mine -

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  1. Aww Jenny, Bryson is soooo cute!!! Sounds like you had a beautiful day, and I'm so glad. Happy Mother's Day, much love to you...