Saturday, May 15, 2010

5 months

Dear Brysee...yes we call you that more often than not...,even though it was never your intended nickname, and it isn't one we particularly hope will stick.

Today you are 5 months old. You are smiley and drooley and HUGE. You rolled over for the first time on May 1st, at 4.5 months, from back to belly. Every time anyone looks at you, they delight in you waiting to catch their eye and then smile big. You laugh a lot, more when you are tired. You wish you didn't have to be swaddled anymore, your parents do too, but you can't sleep with limbs flailing. You barely fit into a swaddle blanket. A large one. Things with you are going very very well. The things that you do seem new to you. I can't remember your sisters needing a bib at all times, else entire shirt is wet. I can't remember them putting their hands in their mouths so hungrily after just eating a 2 course meal! Everyone wants to know who you look like, some say Daddy, most say Daddy. We don't think that you look like either of us, yet. We do see you looking similar to both of your sisters at this age though. And that's interesting because most people thing that Lily looks like Daddy and Addie looks like me. We also can't see that. It's hard to see it in your own baby I think. Anyway, we think you are a mix between your two sisters. At 4+ months you were nearly 18 lbs (17 lbs 15 oz I think) and 26.5 inches long. Your feet are nearly as thick as they are long, and I LOVE that. Your chubby arms and legs are so yummy. Deliciousness. I don't know what else to say about how much I love you. You continue to sleep through the night and we have had no interruptions with that, even when mommy took you away for the weekend. You do wake up early and talk your brains out while you Houdini your way out of your swaddle. That happens anywhere from 5am to 6:30am.

This week was a rough week for mama, I worked about 70 hrs and slept about 20. Your big sisters said things that mama felt guilty about. But you, you just smiled and delighted in the sight of me. I don't want you to change, I love it that you are impartial and you love everyone you see. I can't imagine how much harder it will be when you reach your arms out for me, joining your sisters in not wanting me to go to work. It isn't usually like this, but mommy had a very important deadline for work. Next week will be back to normal, and mommy will be home every night for dinner and bedtime, and working from home 2 days a week again. I will blog and check personal email and sleep again too, I hope.

I'm so tired sweet boy, so I will go. I'm so thankful that the tiredness is not because of you keeping me up all night (in fact last night it was Addie who was up all night on the hour!) I remember back when Lily was this age and sleep was hard to come by at night.

You bring our whole family so much happiness, your sisters LOVE you. Especially the big one. Lily can't get enough of you, and she seems to be your favorite person as well. Probably because she could spend all day making you smile, and she thinks you are the most important person in the world. Oh, how I love you all.

Here are some pictures of what your sisters looked like at 5 months so you can see how similiar you look to them both, in different ways. Looking through the five month album of both of them was a lot of fun.

Much Love,

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  1. Five months is a wonderful age for a baby, and my three grandbabies are proof! Loved the photos of the three of them at the same age. Six months is even better, so we all have a lot to look forward to!