Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 cousins, 1 uncle, and a grandma come to visit

Lawrence's brother, Mark, and his two daughters came from New Jersey to meet their new little cousin and nephew, and to celebrate Lawrence's 37th bday. Lawrence's mom came with them to enjoy some time with both her sons together, as well as some busy and fun grandma time.

The four girls stuck together like glue the entire weekend. Everyone got along so good. It felt like a daycare center exploded ALL.OVER.MY.HOUSE what with all the blankets, and coats, and shoes, and tutus, and sippy cups, and toys, and bibs, and clothes, and TOYS everywhere the whole weekend. Most of it belonged to us (don't worry Laureen, I was very impressed by Mark's organizational skills with the girls bags and suitcases!), but the house was craziness for the whole weekend. But good crazy.

I love the picture below because you can really see it here. Addie is playing behind the couch cushions, Lily is holding Bryson but not paying a bit of attention to him, everyone's looking at someone else, except for Jayme and Cassie who are smiling pretty for the camera. And you can see a bit of the riff raff off to the left. It's one of those pictures where you really WANTED everyone to look and smile at the same time-but they didn't, and years later you can look at it and actually feel the fun and chaos of the moment.

Lily, Cassie, & Addie waiting for Bday brownies
Lily, Cassie, & Addie dancing off the Birthday brownie sugar

Making Daddies Birthday Brownie's with Grandma. Bryson joined in too.
Double trouble in their matching shirts. It never seizes to amaze me how much little girls love love love to match each other!
Enjoying a few beers and some frisbee golf at McMenamins Forest Grove. It was awesome and almost 60 degrees that day, Lawrence took the day off work and we had so much fun.
Cousin Jayme with Bryson, the biggest cousin meeting the littlest cousin.
Uncle Mark meeting his little nephew.

Last year Grandma Carol, Uncle Mark, and cousin Tyler came to visit. We had a blast together then too. But this year, with one more child in our family here, and one more child in their family here, we could really feel that Ty was missing, since he was the only cousin not with us.

We are really looking forward to August when Tyler, Aunt Laureen, and Grandpa Steve will join all of us at SunRiver for what is sure to be a great family vacation!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful visit and loads of fun. Hope Lawrence's birthday was wonderful, your family is simply beautiful. Hugging you

  2. What a wonderful time you guys had. I am glad the visit was pleasant and Lawrence had a good birthday. Sunriver will be a great family vacation. :)