Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mark & Ty Visit - Day 1

Here is a collage of the best of day one pictures from Lawrence's brother, Mark, visiting with his mom and our nephew, Tyler.

We had two days and will filled them.

Friday morning started off with Addie coming downstairs and going straight to Mark with no hesitation. Something that makes everyone happy when kids are small and family lives across the country. I woke up to Lily bossing and mother Tyler around, which suited him just fine since he has two sisters at home doing that pretty much 24/7.

There were a million things we would have liked to do with Mark and Ty but decided not to run ourselves ragged. The kids played together (all 3 of them insisting in being in the red car at the same time and making it work some how peacefully!...come to think of it, this might be the first peaceful dual, much less 3, playing in that car, usually someone is carjacked!), they had a bath together and we headed to the zoo. It started raining on the way to the zoo so we went to the Children's Museum instead. Everyone had a blast. Red Robin for lunch (I let Addie fall off a bench on her head as we were leaving, so that was awesome). All the kids napped, and I worried over a game of Blokus with Mark, Carol, & Lawrence that she had a concussion. Luckily after a Drop Top, I was feeling a little more relaxed. We grilled in, which was a treat because Mark is an awesome cook. The kids had Chicken Nuggets and Little Einsteins for pizza / movie night. After dinner Lawrence, Mark, & I went out for a bit...even though we were too tired...after all, we only had two days.

Click on the collage to see the pics bigger.

Posted by PicasaThe whole day was a highlight, but we laughed hard at Tyler's "Hello/Goodbye" song at the CM2, taking the microphone off the stage to his own corner. Addie and Ty went shirtless in the water area, and they look so much alike that we laughed at our naked children. I think they actually got less wet that way vs wearing the smocks and having all the water run down their sleeves and into their shoes. The kids filled the sandtable with rocks and it kept them busy for a full two hours. Everyone behaved and everyone had fun together the whole day. Lily was sad because she and Ty had agreed to have a sleep over in Gma Carol's room that night, but by the time it came down to it, Ty didn't want to, he was too tired and just wanted to crash. It was cute of them to want to try and ask permission and plan on it all evening though. Tyler played equally with Addie and Lily so it didn't feel like anyone was left out at all. Somewhat hard to do with 3 kids.

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  1. Looks like tons of fun! Glad you guys had a good weekend. When do Laureen and the girls get to come now??