Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kooky: having characteristics of a kook, crazy, offbeat

Lily: Mama, I'm like weird. I feel weird, like I don't know what time of day it is.
Mama: Lil, you're a Kook
Lil: I know
Mama: Don't worry, Lil, I'm a kook too, you got it from me
L: Yep, and Grandma Lanie is a kook too and you got it from Grandma Lanie
M: Yep
L: Where did Grandma Lanie get it from?
M: I think Grandma Lanie invented being a kook
L: Daddy's not a kook because Grandma Carol's not a kook
M: (Laughing) True
L: Addie sure is a kook like me and you
M: Yep she is, maybe not as much as me and you, but she is one
L: I hope Bryson is a kook like us, I hope he gets it from you and not like Daddy, I bet he will.

With 3 kooks like us in the house, the little guys doesn't stand a chance...


  1. Do Kooks have more fun? They must have more fun, 'cause you are always having so much fun.
    Love you and miss you,
    Grandma Carol

  2. I think being a Kook is a great thing! It is lots of fun. Congrats on your girls inheriting some of your sweet, fun-loving spirit, Jenny. :)

  3. PLEASE tell me you know the David Bowie song Kooks:

    I LOVE this song, and sing it to Jillian all the time!!!

  4. N- TOTALLY didn't know this song! ha. love it!

    Kooks do have more fun...