Thursday, February 11, 2010

Never wake a sleeping baby

Bryson still sleeps totally swaddled. So here is what he usually looks like...
Except less greasy. For some reason he always looks so SHINY in pictures:
The past few nights he would NOT wake up from the 5pm nap, and around 7pm I unswaddled him, turned off his white noise, turned on the light, and let the girls run rampant and loud...yet he looked like this! What better time to take some pictures of my sleeping prince, sleeping yet not looking like a burrito.
The night before that he had got his arms out of his swaddle on his own, fussed and went back to sleep. They say, never wake a sleeping baby...

Unless of course he looks this cute after his arms escape his swaddle and you just HAVE to get a picture!!!Was it worth it...Absolutely!!!


  1. Could he be any cuter!!!!? I am just dying to hold that little guy. Watching a baby sleep is one of my favorite things about being a mom, glad you are enjoying it and sharing it.

  2. He looks adorable, both asleep and awake! Was struck today by some resemblances to Addie in some of those pictures. Was great talking to you yesterday! Love ya!

  3. Oh gosh he's just so darn cute!!! I love his cheeks.

  4. What an adorable littl sleeper. He looks so cozy!