Saturday, January 2, 2010

Half Birthday

Dear Addie,
Today you are two and a half years old! It is hard to believe that you have been here that long, but I also feel I have been calling you 2.5 forever...for the past 2 months (the LONGEST months ever, the eighth and ninth months of my pregnancy with your little brother). You have changed so much in the last year it is incredible.
I remember a year ago feeling like I was losing my baby as I gave you your last bottle at 18 months, far after most of the friends your age had given up theirs. You were very sweet and agreeable, and I still boasted on the fact that I had the happiest baby (not so baby in the world). Around your 2nd birthday you started to get more of an opinion and a personality, and now at 2.5, you are the SWEETEST girl on the planet, but I wouldn't say you are what they call "agreeable" anymore. You have your own thoughts and ideas about everything. You even seem to disagree just to disagree sometimes. heh. most times.

These days there has been big adjustments in our house. We've added a little brother, mommy has been home all the time, uncle Matt and Grandma Lanie in and out, daddy back to work. A lot has been going on in your little life as time marches on.
You love to play babies, and make desserts, and help daddy cook or vacuum. You love being a helper and anytime you are upset with something we can almost always distract you by asking you to help. More accurately TELLING YOU, we NEED your help. That pulls at your heart strings like nothing else. You are so funny, always saying "I need to" or "I hope" or "I KNOW" about this or that. Your vocabulary is really expanding, and while you still mix words around, you can say anything you want and daddy, mommy, bean-bean, and Lily can understand EVERYTHING you say. The rest of the world, hmmm, not so much...but the most important people in your life understand, and they are around to translate for everyone else.

The other day when Ian Kolmer was over, who is 1 day younger and still almost twice your size, I asked you who was your best friend. I thought you'd say "EE-ee" as you call him, or perhaps Rachel, who is your big sis's BFF, and you think your's too. But instead you said "my bean-bean". You love our au pair Sabine so much, and you think that she was created for this world just to be friends with you. We love seeing the bond the two of you have created, and the feeling is mutual, it is clear to see how much she loves you too.
Your sister and you are really good sisters, you play well together, arguing sometimes about taking things from each other, but to watch you pretend play together or watch her help you with things or to watch you go to her when you need help is just so precious. You are a good little sister and she is a great big sister. You guys are the reason everyone should have a sister! The other night you went to bed before Lily and you said, "I need my Lily". And you did, you waited the FULL hour before going to sleep, until Lily got there.

We've been playing a lot more games with you (like board games with actual rules) since we got several new ones for Christmas. We are truly impressed with you. You have a photographic memory and play ZINGO (your sisters game - Ages 4+) very well. You say "somebody have this?" about each tile, and it's really funny. You take most things you are doing pretty seriously.

So far, you seem to really like your little brother, you haven't acted out to him at all. Mostly you go about your daily business and remember him occasionally. You love your "job" of putting the dirty diapers in the diaper pail, and get very upset when someone else does your job for you. When he cries you use a very funny voice telling me that Bryson needs a bear-bear, or wants his mommy. The two things you need when you are upset. You like to hold him sometimes for a few minutes. Not being the baby is hard on you and we are very impressed with how you are doing with the adjustment. We are so glad you have your "bean-bean" as your constant, the person who is unchanging for you right now.
You love the shower and the bath, and could play all day in the water. You have long dialogues with yourself while filling up water pitchers and buckets and cups with a few squeaky toys. In every book you want to know everyone's name. So even when we don't know we just make up a name. "What her name?" you say. You call everyone a her, even when you know people are boys. Occasionally you get a "his" in there, but you call Bryson "her".

"No touch my cake, mommy, you no touch my cake?" - that is what you are saying to me right now. Now you are looking for an oven to put your cake and cookies in. Then you spotted Lily's Strawberry Shortcake Doll and you yelled, "Lily, I play with your friend, OKAY?". Here comes Lily...she seems okay with it .
If I don't answer you, you just say the same thing, over and over and over and over. Lily is in her robe and you have said, "Why Lily not in her clothes, mommy?" at least 25 times! If no one answers, you keep asking.

You love to wrestle with your daddy (he puts his always cold hand on your bare back and you squeal then come back for more!), you love to cuddle with your mommy and you and Lily often pretend Lily is the mommy and you are the baby. You sleep with 2 bear-bears, a little pink lovey bear / blankie with a rattle inside. You've started coming into mommy and daddy's bed in the night for the first time ever. We think it is because you know your lil bro is in there. You suck on your bottom lip to comfort yourself and you LOVE soy vanilla milk. You are still allergic to cow's milk and peanuts. (Hmm mommy needs to make another apt with the allergist, um, lasat month, oops!). Your favorite food is sloppy joes and you call them Happy Joes. And I swear your little voice announcing Happy Joes, really does make them Happy! You are excited about everything. TEETH TIME, MILK TIME, JAMMIE TIME, we announce anything as "TIME" and you go running. You love yelling O-H-I-O and daddy loves that too...

Up until we moved you into share a room with your sister in July you were the best sleeper and bed time goer EVER, but not so much any more. You still nap once a day for 2 hours, and you do great with that. But bedtime is another story. Tonight you went to bed crying and screaming because you wanted to kiss Bryson on the head. But he was sleeping for the first time out of my arms all day and NO WAY was I letting you mess that up. You seem to love showing off for your sister, and you just cannot get to sleep.

Addie, I could go on and on about all the things about you that are great. I love you to pieces. Your arrival changed me as a mommy, your happiness (and sleepiness) gave me confidence that I could be good at this, and ultimately, you made me want to do it again. Your fuzzy little blonde head, and your snuggly little body, and your perfectly beautiful face, it all melts my heart, every single day. I look at you and I can't even believe how cute and beautiful and funny you are. I can't compare where you are at 2.5 to where your sister was at 2.5 - because you are so so different. I do love every minute with you, even the difficult ones.

And now, your tired and grateful mommy has to sign off and go deal with your sweet but SCREAMING little brother. Happy Half Birthday sweetness!

I will love you always,


  1. Awww, you are SUCH a good mother Jenny. This post made me tear up and think about all the things I love about my own girls. Hugging you

  2. Sweet, sweet letter!

    We're behind, Jenny- send me pics for a new header, and let me know what Cutest Blog background you're picking... :)

  3. No fair making me cry! There is a movie coming out called BABIES and I think you would dig it. Much love, Jenny. Your heart amazes me all the time.