Friday, January 1, 2010

Donate Life

Last year I wrote a post remembering my friend, the little brother of my friend, the son of my friends. Today Bronson has been gone for 2 years.

He is missed so much. He was 25 years old and it was way too soon for him to go.

Through the donation of his organs he gave life to others. Today he was honored in the Rose Parade on the Donate Life float, "New Life Rises".

We watched with tears in our eyes as his picture passed on ABC on the big screen we have borrowed for the Buckeye Rose Bowl game later today, on the float floragraph picture that his parents and his sisters worked so hard on.
I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I am not an organ donor. I've always felt that it was the right thing to do but selfishly thought that I wanted the organs of my body and my family's body to stay in tact when my life was over, but after following the story of Donate Life, and this float commemorating Bronson and so many others, and reading the stories about families and receipients coming together. About tragedy for one family meaning hope for another. About the peace and comfort in knowing some good could come out of such a life changing, family changing tragedy and that another family will be so forever grateful in a way that could never be understood.

Lawrence and I have decided that we will be organ donors and so will the kids. Of course we hope to think that we will all live until we are 90 and our bodies are so used up that no one would want our organs. But we don't know these things. And just in case...we want to do this. I was moved by the stories of 6-10 month old babies that were also honored on the float, how the gifts made by these parents will give another baby a full and long life. To think that their baby's little heart will go on beating in another little girl for many more years. It's awful and wonderful, and I guess I want to look at the legacy that such a gift could bring, especially since I have been blessed with healthy babies.

In memory of our friend Bronson. One more gift he gave to the world is inspiring us to save others-should we be able to, just as he did. And maybe reading this will inspire you too. Maybe not, that's okay too. Whatever you do, please take a moment today to appreciate your family, and remember our friend. Also, please pray for the continued comfort and healing for his family.

Two years later, Brons, we miss you and thank you, friend.

Here is the link for the Donate Life blog about Bronson - read his story (it's at the end of the blog).

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  1. I'm a fierce believer in organ donation and in blood donation. When Calvin was on life support and during his surgery, he required over fourteen units of blood. When he died, we wanted more than anything to donate his organs not only so that another family wouldn't have to deal with the death of their child, but because we wanted part of our son to go on living. Unfortunately we were unable to donate any of Calvin's organs because of his open heart surgery and the possibility he had been exposed to infection or viruses inside his body. We were devastated. It is my hope that instead, we will continue to raise awareness of the importance of organ and blood donation because they both truly save lives. What a touching story, I'm so sorry for the loss of Bronson. Hugging you