Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bucks beat Ducks

If you didn't know, THE Ohio State Buckeyes played University of Oregon Ducks on New Year's Day in the Rose Bowl. If you didn't know, you probably DO NOT live in Oregon as we do. Lawrence has had this game on the agenda since his Ohio State alumni locked in going to the Rose Bowl in early November. We said we would have a big football party and he would fry a turkey, even though we really didn't know what we'd be doing, what with Bryson on the way and all. But since most of our friends are from Oregon or Duck fans, we were looking forward to the game.

The whole family dressed up in Ohio State apparel to balance out all the green and yellow, um, thunder and lighting, that would be coming to our house. The girls looked SO cute in their matching Jerseys. Lawrence made Bryson a onsie that says Go Bucks Beat Ducks before he was born. With a cute "Herman #3" on the back!

I am again reminded why little girls with football loving dads, love football. It was so sweet to see them all snuggled up with him, watching the pregame as he described what was going to go down. Both Lily and Addie could spell OHIO as their first spelled word. They both yell YUCK MICHIGAN (and occasionally a "first down MONTANA! for mommy's team)!

Well, as much fun as it was to host this game, and have all my friends bring the food, watch the kids and clean up after the chaos, and as much fun as it was to enjoy a beer after almost a year, we hope we don't have to root against our entire house of company again.

We had the Ornelas's, the Rose's, the Power's, and the Bissell's over. And that meant 11 adults and 12 kids. At one point Josh was being wrestled by all the little girls and it sounded like Chuck E Cheese in our house. That loud with shreiks and giggles. I sat on the couch rested, ate, nursed, chatted, and watched the game...i t was super nice for me. Lawrence cooked and everyone else chipped in. Mark Rose let us borrow a huge screen TV from his work and I HOPE Lawrence is not getting too attached to it because he has to return it today...

Buckeyes were not favored to win, but they did and it was fun. It is more fun when you don't feel bad about celebrating and friends are celebrating too...but we didn't let it ruin the victory too much. hehe.

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