Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the fuss

In general Bryson is kind of a grumpy baby. Nothing that is unbearable...he just seems kinda pissed off at the world, unless he is sleeping. He does sleep a lot during the day, less at night, but he prefers arms or a swing to laying down flat. He needs to be swaddled to sleep but REALLY doesn't like the getting swaddled process. Because I just need to sleep, he is usually in bed with us by morning. Then I snap at the girls for being too loud when they come in to say good morning...what a great way to start off their day. Maybe my bad mood bear is rubbing off on me. No, maybe I just am exhausted and have hormones pouring out of me. Still. I need to be nicer to them in the morning. When I'm nice they don't leave me to sleep tho...Hmmm...lock the door perhaps? Where was I? Oh right - Mr Pissy. (That's actually a good name for him since he peed in his own face today...TOTALLY not my fault for getting the new gauze on too slow!)

Oh how I love him though, he is so cute and sweet, even if he spends most of his waking hours looking like a grumpy old man. I could kiss every inch of his wrinkly little body! Even when he screams at's still adorable. The girls were much more content with the big bad world than he is. My friend Robin said that maybe it is because he was early and boys develop slower than girls. I hope he is happier sooner. Not for my own sanity but for his contentness. I hate to see him so discontented even when in my arms or nursing.

Okay, I'll admit that it wouldn't HURT my own sanity.

Yesterday and today he had a few more minutes of quiet looking around time, and that was nice. Unfortunately it wasn't when I was holding him. But good for my mom and Sabine to get some yummy quiet and alert time with him.

In other somewhat related news,
Lawrence and I have started the tired competition...
How long will it take him to learn that I WIN this competition. Stop competing, love.
(If you don't know what this means...stay tuned...I promise I will talk more about this as the sleepless months wear on)

In other non related news, we got our first snow in Portland last night, it was unexpected and the girls had so much fun in it. Since it wasn't expected to last long, I even got my postpartum self out there on a sled and went down our hill with Addie, worried that the snow would not wait for daddy. After pulling them back up the hill, I remembered what daddies are for! :) Lily could have stayed out there for hours and hours, and did this morning while it all melted away. I got a great picture on my mom's camera, some of Bryson too...but at this point there is just no hope of getting the pictures and the words together on the same blog. Lawrence and the kids made a very cool fort after he got home from his 1.5 hr - 5 mile commute due to so many abandoned vehicles along the way home. Luckily the snow DID wait for daddy.

Sabine and I also started painting a stripe in Bryson's room after Carrie came over today to help me tape it. It's going to be great, and Carrie even convinced me to do 3 stripes rather than 1, as I had originally planned. I think it'll look perfect, I hope I can finish it this year, because the nursery is a MESS! It's hard to walk in there now with everything pulled away from the wall.

So with that, more photos to come...maybe...

I gotta go nurse Sir Fussesalot, and feed much for my nap time! Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight. HA!


  1. Sir Fussalot! Haaaaa! I love that! Maybe he is just upset to be removed 10 days early into this cold world.
    And are you CRAZY! Girl you need to sleep and relax (I know it's difficult with 3) instead of painting and pulling kids on a sled! Now go take a nap! This Mama gives you permission. :)

  2. Jenny, my doctor said that most babies if they get colic will develop it within fourteen days of birth and that it usually lasts until twelve weeks. I think it is mostly due to an immature digestive system. I couldn't nurse Lorelei because I didn't get much milk but I ended up having to have her put on a lactose free formula AND zantac to help her little tummy during those early days. If he sleeps better in the swing, maybe he has a bit of reflux, wouldn't hurt to ask your doc. He is totally adorable btw, I actually laughed out loud at your description of him peeing on himself. Calvin peed all over my face in the delivery room as they held him up for me to see him after my c-section....Glad to hear things are going somewhat well despite the sleep deprivation. Sending you hugs.

  3. Sending loving thoughts to all of you! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh man...can I understand the grumpies! When I had the twins, my son jacob was sooo happy and content. Always smiling and having a good time. Unfortunately the same could not be said for his sister Grace. From the moment she was born until she was about 3months (no joke), she was pissed! I use to say the same thing, that she just wasn't happy being out of the womb and didn't care much for the world. NOTHING made her happy. We tried everything. So I can empathize. But hang in there, it will get better and he will get use to his new world.

    Best to you and the family in 2010!


  5. Oh no! Sorry he's a grouch! Reflux, or just crabby? Bummer. You'll get through it... baby amnesia gets ya quickly, ya know? It's like I already can't remember my cracked nipples and contractions while nursing... ;)

  6. Hi all,
    The update is that he just has really bad gas. DEF not reflux, my lactation expert checked him out today. We are going to try no milk protein for me for 3 weeks and some Gripe water and see how that does. I've also been overfeeding him, he gained a pound in 6 days. He acts hungry but that is just a coping mechanism for his cramping and discomfort. So now to reduce his gas. Sad to know he really is in pain, but happy to know what's up so we can try to fix it. Once again Laurie (LC) has been a huge help! :) I'll keep you posted.