Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally - Joys and Sorrows of Christmas

Well, I'm finally getting something blogged. There is so much to write and no time to write it.

I can't believe for all the holidays I left a foreskin update as my post! By the way, thanks for all the support on that and I'm glad to hear that I wasn't just freaking out over it. 5 days later it isn't healed, but we are getting there I guess. Today was the first day I did many diaper changes since Lawrence has been home for the holidays.

On Christmas Eve my little brother and my mom came, we made cookies and Lawrence made a wonderful Salmon dinner (to help Sabine feel at home). I went to Catholic Mass with Sabine in the evening kidless. She really wanted to attend, I was planning to go to my church with just Bryson but was happy to take her. I didn't bring Bryson, just pumped a bottle, since my mom was arriving just as we were ready to leave, and there was a bunch of other stuff, but the time line just worked better to leave him home. Both girls made me feel guilty for leaving - and I REALLY wished I'd brought Bryson the whole time, it was too soon to leave him, even for an hour. In any case, I made the best of it, and enjoyed the service, and the reason for the season.

When I got home, I filled stockings and played Santa and it was a blast. But bedtime didn't come until after midnight.

Christmas morning stocking opening was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we got the sad news mid morning that Sabine's grandmother in Poland had passed away. Although she was sad, she managed to enjoy giving and opening presents and eating a ham dinner with the family. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers this week as they make the arrangements and travel from Germany to Poland.

Christmas ended with playing a game that Matt got for us, it was 8:20 and it felt like midnight. Sabine and I both went to bed before 9. I'd been up since 5:45am, feeding Bryson and then with the girls for stockings and somehow there just wasn't time in the day for a nap for me.

Saturday my mom left to take Matt to Eugene and meet his girlfriend and her family. We decided to get out of the house and go to zoo lights. It was fun. AND COLD! It was interesting, our first family excursion. Bryson decided to spit up big for the first time, all over me. Then he had a blow out. Finding 3 warm outfits for him that fit are one thing, and finding three warm outfits for ME that fit was quite the challenge, so it basically felt like I was wearing PJ bottoms to zoo lights, but whatever, we got out the door only an hour and 15 minutes later than planned! Besides being so cold we really enjoyed it. And Lawrence made yummy meal number 3 - cream of potato soup - for when we got home.

Yesterday I took Sabine and the three kids to church. It was interesting. I preferred it to missing them so much on Thursday night, but it was a lot since Lily's class wasn't going due to teachers being on vacation. It was a pretty fun sermon, since so many kids were in attendance. It was also shorter than usual. I enjoyed it a lot and so did the kids. Lily ended up going to the end portion of Addie's class and being the helper! Bryson got to meet our friends the Chappelle's. By "meet" I mean stay sleeping in his carseat while they peak at what little face of his is showing. We took the tree down, and it felt like we cleaned the house all day. I tried to nap all day too, but Bryson was not in the mood for that. As soon as I would get him swaddled and laid down, I would lay down and he would start fussing.

Today FINALLY I got to have a nap, a good nap, waking up and forgetting where I was nap. Ahhh. Then Bryson slept for another hour so I got up and played a promised game with Lily too!

Today our little guy is 2 weeks old. He had a check up. He is now 8lbs 8oz, so he is gaining very well. His circumcision was looking good although there was one little piece of skin that was fusing together that had to be seperated with a scary looking tool. Ig. We did not enjoy that. He did so much better at the dr this time than at his 4 day, when he screamed bloody murder the whole time. He has a goopy eye which is just a clogged tear duct, to be fixed with a warm wash cloth. He's also getting some baby acne, so it's nice...this week he gets to start meeting people and he looks HOT! Then my mom, Bryson, and I went to Babies R Us and bought a few things. It was my first time being there since even getting PREGNANT with him. Can you imagine? I think I was there at least 400 times with my pregnancy with Lily.

Alright, I hear Bryson fussing, I have a lot more pictures to post and some more thoughtful blogs to write, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the "what we did this Christmas" blog. I just nursed and need to go sleep. More soon. Here are a few pictures...

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  1. Sounds wonderful yet exhausting. Sorry to hear about Sabine's grandmother, it's very sad she couldn't make it home for the funeral. Glad to hear Bryson is gaining and that his little parts are healing well. Get some sleep mama, and don't overdo it. Hugs