Monday, November 23, 2009

The Potty

Okay, well, the unemployment hearing is over and we hear in 2 weeks. Lawrence doesn't have a great feeling about it, but it is the judges job not to show one way or the other. So now it is out of our hands. I can't leave that post up much longer as the most recent because it makes the lump bigger!

So let's talk about the POTTY! Nothing lightens to mood more than typing poop many times in one blog.

Or as Addie calls it, the "poppy".

Many of you have asked me how it is going with the potty training. (and the room sharing for that matter...unfortunately somewhat linked). Well, it's going pretty well, actually.

Addie is in Panties and has been for 2 weeks. The first few days she had one wet accidents and 2 or so BM accidents. OR she would not have a BM accident but wait until she got a pull up on for nap time or bed time and go then. Sometimes 3x at bedtime.

She was using that as an excuse not to go to bed. Poop was her get out of jail free card. So we just made her go to sleep in it, and then would change her right after she would fall asleep.

That seems to have worked for the most part.

In the past week there has been only one pee accident, one BM accident, and NO ACCIDENTS on outings, so we are risking it and keeping her in panties when we leave the house.

She still continues to poop at bedtime if she is crazy and running around in there before crawling into bed and going to sleep. Lawrence changes her most nights as it is pretty awkward for me to lift her out of the toddler bed.

For those of you who don't have her bday memorized, and even for those of you who do, she will be 2.5 years on New Years.

I think on her worst day she had 3 BM accidents and one wet accident. I said exhausted as I wiped up a mess in the bathroom, "Addie if you keep going poopy in your big girl panties, I am going to throw your Dora panties away, mommy doesn't like cleaning poopy out of them!" (I realize this is kind of mean, but it used to work with Lily, she'd crumble to pieces thinking I might really do it. Nothing phases Addie, ever! And lucky for me, no exception here...) Do you know what she said??!??!??!?!

"Dat okay mommy, my have more".

True enough, the girl makes a point!

I think I first jokingly posted about Addie being potty trained here. ALMOST A YEAR AGO at 17 months! But she was SO interested. When people asked me if she'd be trained by the time the baby was born, I laughed confidently as I told them she would. Insert foot in mouth ONCE again. When will I learn? I was beginning to think that she just didn't recognized the I have to poop sensation. And even when she did, she doesn't have the patience to wait for it on the potty. And I actually think she needs to stand to figure out how to get it out.

This last week I have more hope though. She's been going poo a few times a day on the potty and when she's not it's the after bedtime diaper change, which is a lot better than cleaning it out of panties. Shudder. Another funny side note is that because she is so petite...all of her pants are falling down all the time and she looks so cute when she runs holding up her pants or has her eensy weensy plumber crack showing as she squats down to play!

I've also implemented plan "gummy bear" which is that she gets a gummy bear for going poopy on the potty. In the past I never used sugar to get either of them to go on the potty, stickers worked just fine, but I was desperate for this girl to WANT to wait it out on the potty. And when she goes she is SO proud of herself, confirming that it means she will get a gummy bear NOW!!!

One funny thing she says when you go in to help her is. "My fine". She says that about a lot of things. But it makes me laugh when she says it on the potty. "You out, mommy, my fine".

I always promised myself that I would never be one of those moms who could sit around for hours with other moms talking poop shop. Now not only do I do that (and even more, I'll have another one to discuss mustard seed breast milk poop soon with all who will listen), I also fill full blogs about it. I digress.

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  1. Oh the joys of potty training...LOL. I myself am not a fan...but, it's good to hear that I am not the only mother facing the frustration of poopy Dora panties.