Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dude, that's romantic

So for the last year, I've been getting us to budget more for things that could and do go wrong, so that if the car needs repairs or we have to replace a household appliance, we don't have to go into panic mode or worse yet, *gasp* put something on the credit card.

One thing on my list of replacements was a vacuum. Lawrence didn't know why it was there, "we don't need a new vacuum, just some new bags and a belt", he'd say. Okay, so he bought those a few months ago. And what with the joblessness and all a vacuum hasn't made it to the to budget for list...

So he rolls over in bed the other day to say, "I think we need a new vacuum, do you want to get that for each other as our Christmas present?".
Uh, no.
"Okay", I say. "We have needed another one for a while."
But what about the ski tickets you want and the BREAD BOX I want...??? (seriously I've been asking for a bread box since LAST year on my bday...)

So don't you be jealous of me when Santa leaves me a vacuum under the tree in lieu of a gift from my husband.

Be jealous of Lawrence. I guarantee you NO other man out there will be getting a Bissell Cleanview Helix Vacuum Cleaner for the holidays!

True Romance at the Herman household. True Romance.

Ladies, nothing says, "Thank you sweetheart for giving me a son" like a Bagless Upright.


  1. Just caught up on your blog... Things in the Kules house have been busy :) Congrats on the potty training :)

  2. Too funny. That is a sign of the comfortable romance between you two. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That is TOO funny Jenny and too practical. You sound like ME! Ahh the sacrifices we make a parents, eh.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!