Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The weekend of overdoing it

We had a great weekend going to meet Lawrence at the Hood to Coast finish line in Seaside. I saved 10 of Sabine's hours on Friday so that she could work on Saturday and help me out as needed for the whole day. Boy did she! I really over did on both Friday and Saturday. I bent the wrong way to pick kids out of the sand, I carried too many loads of laundry up the stairs, I stood too long barefoot on wood floors, I walked too far carrying Addie in her stroller, and my back was really paying for it on Sunday. But I felt bad complaining on Saturday OR Sunday since the whole H2C team had just run 15+ miles and were hobbling around like crazy. Oh poor me and my too many baskets of laundry. Whaaah. So I just sucked it up. I even waited until Monday when I really rested because Lawrence was so exhausted. He didn't sleep Thursday or Friday nights at all. I got up Sunday morning and let him sleep. I know he would have done the same for me. Anyway, long whiney story short, I was very very proud of him, and I'm now looking for a new chiropractor. Last pregnancy I sprained my back (as I'm sure I have done this time) and went to a highly recommended chiro for pregnant women. She wasn't in our insurance and I just sucked it up and paid the first $500 in visits as a deductible. This time that is not really an option, so I have to go shopping. Luckily I've found an ex-wallowa county gal on Facebook who lives in Florida and who is a chiroprator specializing in pregnant women and children. She has given me a check list for finding a good doc.

Things couldn't be going better with Sabine. We are so so happy with her. She is such a perfect fit for our family, we feel very surprised to have found such a great match on our first au pair match. We already feel nervous about how we could ever top this with another au pair!

No news on the job front for Lawrence, he is still looking and we are all still keeping our chins up because something WILL work out.

We are looking forward to an upcoming trip to NJ to visit his parents and brother's family as well as a few friends. We haven't been since the summer of 06 for a wedding, and before that when the twins were born in Jan 05, so it's a long past due trip. Sabine won't be going with us, and we hope that she will be able to enjoy some time to herself. She certainly deserves it. Below are some pics from the weekend.

I'm not sure why but the kids both kept sticking their heads in the sand. Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor? We had a lot of standing around waiting and it was nice to have a floor made of sand so that anyway we went they had something to play in on the ground.

Lawrence's H2C Team - Hoof Hearted. They are missing one, Andi, she was still running her last leg here and they were waiting at the finish line to meet her. I was dragging Addie and Sabine was dragging Lily so we BOTH missed the picture of the team all crossing the finish line together and getting their medals! Grrr.

Our Family. I should have at least showed of my belly at 23.5 weeks rather than hiding behind the girls.
Look at my honey! This was about 10 yards before he was finished with his 3rd and final leg of the race. Luckily it was uphill and POURING down rain. He said that worked out well since the team wasn't able to pass him water for this leg! His recovery time was SO Much better this time compared to last! He was walking (slowly) up and down the stairs already on Sunday. Last time I think he said on the 2nd floor for 3 straight days! He is in great shape and I am really proud of him for conquering this race again as a veteran. He is, for the second time, saying, I never need to do that again! Something tells me he will! All this because he couldn't get down over his belly to strap up my snow shoes back in Feb! No problem with that now...
...I on the other hand...

http://www.finishshots.com/racerresults3.php bib number 636

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  1. I can't even express my level of jealousy for Lawrence getting to do the run again. AND i'm a little disappointed, and you can tell him he'll be doing it again - because after our 2007 run he said he didn't need to do it again, and likely wouldn't for 5 years or more, if ever - I'm INCREDIBLY JEALOUS - and miss you all soooooo much. Love you - Loura