Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Going Green

Lily: Sabine, you've been using that same water bottle for a long time.
Sabine: Yes
Lily: Do you keep filling it up and drinking out of it over and over?
Sabine: Yes
Lily: Wow you are really saving the Earth!
Mom: Good job, Sabine! (both laugh)
Lily: Yeah, you could save the earth if you "RE-CYCLED" (over exaggerated annunciation), but what you are doing is called "RE-USING" (again with articulation). That's even BETTER! RE-USING saves the Earth even MORE!
Sabine: Yes (all laughing)
Lily: Actually you can find any old piece of trash and reuse it for something. You can make a project or just use it for something. That's what I do.

And I wonder why my house is so cluttery. Sheesh.

Disclaimer...Sabine can say more than just "yes"! :)

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