Friday, August 28, 2009

Hood to Coast

This morning I got up with Lawrence at 4am to see him off for his second time running in Hood to Coast. I feel so proud of him. He really needed this, as all the job searching and contact making can feel exhausting and like it's not getting anywhere. Hood to Coast is a 197 mile relay from the tip top of Mount Hood to the Pacific Ocean. It is the biggest relay in the world. 12,000 runners! It is a very big deal and a very big accomplishment. In the next 24 hrs he will personally run almost 18 miles!

Go Lawrence!

Lily made him the cutest little sign with two popsicle sticks pasted to it all by herself. She used her "crookedy" scissors to cut out a heart and glue it to the center and then she wrote "Good Job Dad". She didn't sign her name because she said, "He knows we are his children".

She and I snuck out last night right before bedtime and taped it to the steering wheel, when he left this morning I saw him find it and he came back in the garage so he could read it in the light. It meant the world to him.

He means the world to us.

He's worked hard, trained a lot, and it has to feel SO good to finish this race. If it feels this good to have a HUSBAND who is finishing this race, I can only imagine how it must feel for him to be the one running.

This photo is from 2007 when he ran this race 8 weeks after Addie was born. It is my favorite pictures because the sense of accomplishment on his face would be the same as if he won the whole thing. In my heart, he may well have.

August 28th is a big day!

Happy NINTH Birthday Jayme, (our niece) we love you!!!

Happy 5th Anniversary Darcy and Dave!

Today we also mark the 7 year anniversary of the day my Grandmother, Jennie Lou Blanchet, (mom's mom) passed away. It was a very sad day, but she went to be with my Grandfather, whom she missed so much for 10 years, and she had all of her children surrounding her.

It's neat to say all of those events occured since I've been with Lawrence. The memories and important dates after we met are matching the memories and important dates from the many years before we met, and that...well, for lack of a better cool.

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