Friday, September 4, 2009

Good day

After nap today Sabine went to get Addie and she said "do do da". Sabine said "what? I don't understand you?" several times. This is not entirely uncommon and not because of the German language barrier, but because of the Addie language barrier. We are constantly trying to guess what she is trying to say. She is so specific, she knows, she is saying the syllables but we just can't guess. Usually Lily figures it out.

Today after going back and forth and Addie yelling "DO DO DA". She finally thought about it and then said, "GUTEN TAG".

That's German for good day.

Addie's first German word unsolicited. Though she was counting to 3 all morning and it was SO cute. Sabine and Lawrence were prompting her, and they were all marching around the house saying it. (Eins zwo drei). I sat working with the biggest smile on my face. Man, I love working at home sometimes. Lawrence is learning (and wanting to learn) as much as the kids. Though he also forgets as quickly as he learns. It's sweet.

Lily has a surprise for Grandma and Grandpa when she sees them...her new favorite German words. Let's hope she remembers.

Few other things: Please pray for my friend Dawn who is getting induced tomorrow with baby #3, she is hoping to have a drug free birth as she did with the other two children, so I wish her strength and energy, also to her husband Lucas (and mom Dana at home with the other 2!) We love you Gunderson's and can't wait to meet baby Ava! Also praises for Katy, who got a first grade teaching job! YAY! It's not permanent but it's long term and it's something and she got to start working on her class room today. First grade is the perfect grade for her, and she deserves it so much. Each child she teaches is lucky to have her (and every parent!) YAY Katy! We love you!

Guten Tag to you all! Next post likely from the Garden State.

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