Wednesday, September 16, 2009

7 blogs in 7 days - day 7

July - the things I skipped over...

Wow, around day 3 I thought that I wasn't going to be able to keep up with this. But it's already 7 days and I have a million things to write about and pictures to share.

In order to continue to use this system (thank you Aimee) to clear out my photos, I'm going to update you on the July pictures that didn't get posted.

Katy (our summer nanny) had so much fun with the girls this summer...every day was spent outside, at parks, at picnics, running in the sprinkler. The three of them lived in their swimming suits.
Addie's potty chart. Every time she goes, Lily excitedly gets her a sticker and they run to the chart together saying "Yay, Addie". Lily made the chart with a picture of her helping Addie and the potty.
If you wondered how Lawrence stays so buff...this is a daily occurrence...
I gave my friend Robin a baby shower in July at Jopa and it was so fun. It was a small group of close friends, and we celebrated what a great mother she is. (Me, Robin, Beth, Melissa, Shawna, & Jodie)
Melinda's wedding with Jeanine
Melinda (best friend in Jr. High) and I at her wedding

Indigo Girls concert at the zoo (Me, Stephanie, Shawna, & Kirstin). This is the night before the this was a busy jet setting weekend for me!
Playing at the mall with such a happy smile
Helping make lunches
The girls LOVE jumpy houses, and will always be up for an hour line wait in the blazing heat to go in one (a few times to find out that Addie was too YOUNG!) but our friends, the Ornelas's bought one for their backyard and the girls couldn't be happier.
This was at our frined Jennifer & Linda's bday party. These are the TWO Addies! My Adeline Faith and Marsha's (Guernert-Moore) Adeya Hope! They both loved saying TWO ADDIES!!!
This is not a great picture, but that is Lawrence with the double stroller at Relay for Life in Lake Oswego, an amazing event that we hope to make an annual tradition. Our family raised almost $200 for the American Cancer Society and the girls had a blast
Lily getting to meet the Bissell's son, Cohen (Addie was napping).
Admiring goats at the zoo. The girls LOVE the zoo
Addie at the zoo!
Nail party with Katy (one of the many rewards for great behavior).

I thought I would add a few missed photos in August too...but I don't think so. This post is long enough. 7 of 7 - I MADE IT!

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