Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend and waiting

Things at the Herman household have been good, busier than usual somehow, but good. This weekend my brother came to visit from Eugene and the girls were THRILLED. He hadn't been to stay with us since Christmas (which is so so so sad, considering he is two hours away). Anyway, he let them climb on him like a jungle gym, read to them until his voice was horse, built them a dresser with Lawrence, and got some serious craft on. The "milk parade" (as I have named it since they've started sharing a room and come walking out of their room yelling "milk time", "milk time" at 7am) headed straight passed our room on both Saturday and Sunday and directly into the play room where uncle Matt was sleeping on the couch. This, of course, made all the adults in the house happy! :) Including Uncle Matt, though he might not admit it. I am constantly in awe of all the energy Matt finds for the girls. Yes he is 25 and single, but man, he'll do anything. Crazy dancing, tickle fights, wrestling, pretending to be dogs, you name it.

Friday Lawrence went on a crappy data entry temp job. He can barely type. Well he types decent speed, but he looks and he does it with 2 fingers. The job paid less than the unemployment that was getting deducted and since he was sitting in a cubicle "smaller than his shoulders" with 100 other temps and no networking possibilities, after walking a half mile from his car where temps were required to park, entering addresses into an archaic system for 5.75 hrs, he decided one day of that was enough and his time would be better spend looking for something else. I agree, but was glad he was willing to try anything, because you just never know.

Saturday Sabine went to the beach with her Au Pair group, the kids played with Matt, Lawrence worked in the back yard, and I got to go over to the Roses to meet baby Sullivan.

He. Is. So. Cute. And I'm not just saying that, seriously one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. It made me so excited to hold my own brand new little boy. His cry was even cute, and watching Robin nurse him, I was even a little excited for that!! It was also adorable watching the other kids dote on him, and his daddy too. Even though it will add madness to the madness, I'm really looking forward to meeting my own little guy and falling in love again, and having his whole family dote on him.

I already can't keep the girls off my stomach, talking to him, kissing him, and I've had to have the talk with Lily more than a few times about personal boundaries as she attempt to feel me up and give her baby brother some love. Addie seems to finally really be understanding about a baby in my belly. Today she said, 'Baby, grow, out". Yes, she still talks like a cave man but it adding to her vocab and it is easier to understand her broken sentences.

Things with Sabine are still going great, and we really enjoy having her around. She even won her first game of Blokus with me, Matt, & Lawrence. We were thrilled to have someone good to complete our Blokus foursome. It also showed me how SMART she is, getting good at Blokus takes a while, and she just came right in and kicked butt. She didn't quite understand or listen to all the smack we talk (because she was concentrating so hard), but she'll get there!

The girls LOVE her and are adapting really well. It continues to be confusing with her schedule with Lawrence around so much, but at the same time she rarely has a long period of time when she doesn't have someone around to answer a question. And she is working around it, even though I know it isn't always easy for her. She seems genuinely very happy and hasn't had an issue with homesickness or jetlag. We are so happy about that for her sake. She gives us lots of privacy by spending a lot of quiet time in her room, but also joins us for family outings and BBQs too. Last night she drove and we went to set up her bank account, picked up her friend (another German Au Pair who lives 1.5 miles from us), and then we went to Target. She did all the driving. Then she went to have dinner with her friend, and she took the car for the first time wihtout us. She did well, and made it there and back in one piece. Today is her first day driving alone with the kids to take Lily to her last ballet class. She is doing a great job driving, we trust her skills, now it is just a matter of teaching her where to go and how to get there (and home).

She will be working this weekend because Lawrence has Hood to Coast. He has been training very hard for it, and also looks amazing. He has lost about 20 lbs since January, and is in great shape. I'm excited for him to run in his second Hood to Coast. His attitude remains good, though obviously it is frustrating being patient and waiting for something to come along. We both believe that it will.

The girls are doing *okay* with the room sharing, it is definitely better, but not easy yet. Each night we just have no idea if they'll go right to sleep or if they'll be up for 2 hrs. The weird thing is, Lily probably is going to bed better than she has in her entire life, sometimes falling asleep with Addie still standing in the middle of the room pooping herself! For a few days Addie was waking a bunch in the night and I was worried about her waking Lily and Sabine, but the last few nights she has started sleeping well again. I think bedtimes will be easier once it is darker earlier, and Addie can't see to mess around for as long. Naps are perfect, no problem, she goes in, lays down and falls asleep, but having Lily in there at night is so exciting she can't settle down. So while I dispise daylight saving time ending, because I love love love it to be light later, I think I will have a few reasons to enjoy it this year. 1.) bedtime 2.)it brings me closer to the season when we will meet our son.

We will be a well oiled machine by the time Baby Boy gets here.

So if you can believe it, I have not taken ONE picture since the walk when Sabine arrived. This made it easy not to procastinate my blog though, so that's one good thing. Not a picture with Matt, not a picture of baby Sullivan, nothin'.

Hopefully gets a cute one of Lily today for her last ballet, and I'll post that.

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