Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today's funny

Lily: "Addie you be the dad because you are kind of bald".

Those of you on FB already saw this. It's one of those things that makes me LOL for real every single time I read it.

Last night both girls were asleep at 8:15 after some yelling from both of us I will admit. Addie ruined a picture frame of Lily's, pooped, and pulled a phone outlet and related cords out of the wall.

Still 1.25 hrs...we are getting there...

I woke up this morning to Addie shaking their door back and forth since she cannot open it yet, yelling "I yuh you mama, I yuh you YiYi". over and over an over. I guess she thought if she kept repeating it, someone would let her out prior to 7am. No, no takers? Oh good a messy poop AGAIN! for mama to wake up to. She's actually storing up her bodily functins and using them against me. Stupid fruit. Sigh.

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