Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quick update - Mom's weekend

I'm home from my 24 hour dash to Boise for my friend from High School's wedding (Melinda Lathrop). It was wonderful. I had a blast day with Jeanine and was so glad she could come to the wedding with me. Friday night I went to the Indigo girls concert, also SO.MUCH.FUN. A concert with good friends, a feel good girl band, complete with acoustic guitar and amazing harmony, on a warm summer night, at the Oregon Zoo. So incredible. Came home BURSTING with happy.

The room sharing saga continues, but I was able to handle it well tonight after 2 nights of bed time off. Thank you to the BEST dad out there, Lawrence. It wasn't an easy time to leave him alone and he did awesome. Two nights of 2 hr bed time battle = no fun.

I left for the concert at 3:45pm on Friday and got home around midnight, got up at 4:30am for my 6:20am flight (thank you frequent flier miles and $5 plane ticket for my crappy flying times). Got to Boise, made bfast with Jeanine, had coffee, she treated me to a pedicure, I took a nap, got ready for the wedding, fun HOT wedding, and nice reception. Got to visit with her and her family, haven't seen them since HS graduation.

Got to bed last night at around 1am, up at 7am for my 9am flight. Got home, played with the girls, Addie for a nap, cleaned house (while pretending to play "library" with Lily! - I was one BUSY librarian, but she didn't notice as I sorted toys, organized books, and put things back where they go, all while making her lunch to eat at the library! :)), was going to paint a dresser, but fell asleep on the couch, got up with Addie and played in the back yard kiddie pool and cleaned up out there, family water fight in the back yard, grocery shopping, dinner, clean kitchen, bed time, Lawrence time, bed time, email catch up, bed time, Weeds episode, bed finally they are asleep (LESS THAN 2 HRS and no yelling from me, YAY!) . What a difference some me time makes to feel like a whole new mama. I didn't know that I needed it, wasn't really trying to take it, and even though I'm not rested, I feel refreshed. I was so excited to get home to the girls and Lawrence today. I couldn't wait to answer 50,000 "why?" questions, I was happy to take the poopy diaper, and take Addie grocery shopping. I guess I did need a little time of taking care of no one but myself.

I have pictures to upload, I have details to give about the room sharing, and I have a few weekends worth of fun to document. But for now. I'm going to get into bed by 10pm for the first night in several, and enjoy that I enjoy being home. And safe and sound. Really. Welcome back, rambly-me! :)

no proofread, I'm posting this!

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