Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last night


Last weekend when I was gone the girls and Lawrence had a balloon party. This means there are about 700 million balloons in our house here and there and every where. They are party balloons that are water balloon size or slightly larger, and long skinny ones slightly thicker than a balloon animal style balloon. The girls learned the joy of rubbing balloons on heads and sticking them to the wall with the static. It obviously works the funniest on Addie because her hair stands on end on it's own. Lily claims that Addie's head has the best balloon glue. Through all of this, Addie found the light switch and that she could climb on the toy box to reach it. On off on off. It's not very earth day of her...

Yesterday Lily and Addie were playing in our dining room that looks more like a playroom with their play kitchen and reading chairs. Lily was play "decorating", Addie was unloading balloons out of the play dishwasher. Decorating meant taking her Little Einstein hopscotch squares and trying to hang then on the walls in the dining room. I watched her comtemplate for a while, thinking of how she could hang them, I was hoping she didn't go looking for tape or push pins to get them up. Then I saw her muttering to her self about balloon glue, get a balloon out of the fridge, rub it on her head, rub it on the back of the square, and push the square on the wall. Mumbling when it didn't work. I had to laugh out loud because of course that should have done the trick! She did finally figure out that she could balance them on top of the white wainscoting trim, and wa-la "art".

Lily had her first sleep over last night (for fun rather than necessity, like Addie being born), and she did great. I was a little worried because she seemed a little apprehensive, and I would have called the whole thing off, except that her friend Lucy had "earned" if by getting good behavior stickers for months, and then finally reached her goal by the beginning of April and we were just now able to schedule it. It was with our good friends, so I had no concern there (like I will someday when it's some girl from her class whom I hardly know). It went fine, and Lily had a blast, so proud of packing her own little back with her sleep noise machine and books and blankets and special sleepy guys, etc. I guess the girls finally fell asleep in the same room at 9:45 after getting in a little trouble for talking too much. Then they were up by 6:20. It wasn't enough sleep for Lily and she had some behavior issues today, but she sure did have a great time. In the end, I think this is the last sleep over for a while, I just think 4 is a little young. It's hard for them to control themselves and not talk or giggle. Jeez, it's hard for me if sleeping next to a good girl friend to stop talking and giggling and go to sleep. I know there will be many sleep overs in the years to come, and I'm glad this first one was such a success for her. After a hell week at work, with me going in every day for meetings, I also just missed her. I look forward to our Friday night movie night and a fun and relaxed Friday night together. It felt really weird for her to be gone and us to just be sitting home and hanging out.

Addie was absolutely hilarious while Lily was packing her bag. She brought her bear-bear (her special sleepy guy) and put it in Lily's suitcase. Then when I unplugged Lily's white noise machine and put it in Lily's bag, Addie was frantically running and yelling "mine, mine, mine". I was concentrating on getting Lily's stuff together so wasn't really paying attention to what all the fuss was about with Addie, and when I went into her room, I saw she was pointing with fury at her white noise machine on top of her dresser, wanting it to get packed too. When Lily told her that she wasn't going, Addie had a very sad face, but I told Addie that she did get to go in the car to drop Lily off. She promptly put her shoes on as to not miss out on any of the action.

Yesterday was the last day of no rain for a week, so Lawrence wanted to mow the lawn right when we got home. Addie was going crazy trying to get his attention from the window. Then she was watching him spraying weeds in the front yard, she did not want daddy doing anything she wasn't in on!

We had dinner/movie night with Addie and she was a very talkative only child. She chose "Elmo loves you" DVD for her movie and she kept saying "I love you". It is the sweetest three words I've ever heard. This morning she was looking for Lily again and couldn't get ready fast enough to go get her.

After we got Addie to bed, Lawrence got on facebook and announced to me that my mom has swine flu. Great, mom, real nice, I can't believe that's how I find out about it. Haha. (She doesn't I don't think, I guess I would have got a call if it were anything more than a cold.)

We decided to run out to RedBox and get a movie. Addie was thrilled because she thought we were going to pick up Lily! We got Pineapple Express for mommy and daddy to watch, and we crawled into bed at 7:30pm to watch it.

Oh what a crazy Friday night!

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  1. No swine flu, just swine flu-like symptons. It turns out out that our one "probable" case here in Wallowa County (out of five in the state, at that stage)turned out not to be swine flu. Just a nasty cold.