Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Cohen is here

Rob and Nichole had their baby boy today. Cohen Dean Bissell. He weighed 8lbs 10oz and was born sometime around 1pm. I don't have the full story, I know she was due on Tuesday, went to the dr yesterday and was at a 3, but nothing was happening, and then today Rob texted that Cohen was coming today.

We are very happy for our good friends to finally become parents and join the rest of us.

Another special thing, today is their ONE YEAR wedding anniversary! So May 2 will be a very special day at the Bissell house. Here is a cute picture of the little guy that Rob's sister sent. I think he looks older than a newborn, not all red and wrinkley. Can't wait to meet this cutie in person!

1 comment:

  1. He is a good looking baby! You're right- now that "newborn-ish" at all!

    Thanks for your comment about Jilli's baby book... I think it turned out pretty darn good, and I'm already working on #2's! Haha!

    Never ending... when you have thousands and thousands of photos, it really is quite a lot of work to organize and store them all!