Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lily's First Race

Lily ran her first race last Sunday. It was called Run for the Cheetah at the zoo. The kids dash was 1/2 a mile and the proceeds went to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Rachel and Lily hugging at the finish line and warming up before the race, Lawrence and Lily and Rachel running, and showing off their medals. (Addie got a metal too, even though she didn't run). Click on collage to see it bigger.
Race Results!

Lily took training for her race very seriously and she went to the track at Southridge High School to practice running around it twice. Once, she even fell down and skinned both knees after the first lap (and I'm sure trying to look behind her while running full blast, as she does very commonly), and she STILL finished the second lap. Go Lil.

Anyway, so the race was Sunday, and I wasn't home because I was at the women's retreat in Cannon Beach. Lawrence took both girls by himself and also picked up Josh, Shawna, and Rachel.

Shawna recently broke her foot (I know if you can believe it!) so Josh and Rachel ran and Lily and
Lawrence ran, and Shawna and Addie cheered them on!

Lily told me later, mama, I'm glad that I raced for the cheetah, I'm glad I could help out the cheetahs.

She had a great time and afterward they all went to the zoo for an Earth Day party. It was great. I'm so happy that Lawrence had such a great weekend with the girls while I was gone. He sure is a super dad! Lily can't wait for her next race, and we are happy to work those muscular little (not really) legs! Even in Addie's tininess, she has her sister's (and her dad's) muscular defined arms and legs, far too much for this young age!

So let's keep em runnin'!