Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I wish this wasn't true... Youth group leader, Jeff Gaertner, killed in crash, up to seven teens injured in Wallowa County.

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I was friendly with Heidi (Miller), his wife, in high school and went to their wedding. I didn't know Jeff at all and haven't spoke to her since my senior year of HS or so, when we double dated for the prom. I feel so sad for her and their two children. I'm also worried for many families in the small community that I grew up in. There are several children hurt and many, many families affected.

My mom took this picture a few years ago when Jeff worked for the Chieftain, writing sports, and Heidi and the kids brought him dinner while working late one night. Every time I think about her and the kids my heart hurts. It makes me want to go squeeze Lawrence and my kids and keep us all in a bubble. That's not possible, but I will give thanks with every inch of my being that we have each other here and now. It will be another reminder to hug them a little tighter tonight.

Please pray about all those whose lives have been changed by this tragedy.

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