Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wating for a jet plane

It's my Friday, because I'm taking tomorrow off work. Except I'm not working from home today and I'm working super late tonight, so it's not really like Friday at all. Anyway, when I feel like I can't look at one more excel schedule...I'll just come write a blog.

Thanks to all who are praying for Heidi and her family. My mom talked to her dad, and he said, "She's one tough cookie", and that she was handling pretty well considering. On the website they've posted pictures of the wreckage. It's so terrible to imagine what that was like.

Anyway, life goes on and I appreciate my family and my husband. Except when he snores.

Oh, and speaking of snoring my brother-in-law is coming to visit tonight. (I hope, as of now the plane is 43 minutes delayed!) Addie was practicing all day saying "Tye-Tye", that's for Tyler, our 3.5 year old nephew. He is one of Lawrence's brother, Mark's, three children. So this visit is Carol (Lawr's mom), Mark, & Tyler. It will be a pretty short visit and they are staying until Sunday. We should be able to do a few fun things and let the kids and brothers get some QT, which is the point of the trip.

It is supposed to be sunny here this weekend, so we are hoping for a visit to the Tulip festival or a short hike somewhere or maybe a trip to the zoo. Two days isn't long and we certainly don't want to jam pack it full running from one place to another. Anyway, we are looking forward to some one on one time with Ty and Mark, and of course we get to see Grandma Carol again too!

Lily used to call Grandma Carol, "Mama Turtle" and it was so cute. Addie was saying it like that for a while, but now it has graduated to "Mama Care Care". It is so funny the use of double words, I thought that was Lily's signature move, but Addie does it too.

Addie is going Potty about 6-8 times a day now, and actually going potty about half that. It's mostly just inconvenient right now, and I think we might be using twice as many diapers because she is usually wet when she has to go. She knows when she needs to poop, and grunts on the pot, but then gets down and loads up her diaper once it's back on. This is probably why it is so annoying. If I have to take her potty 8x a day, it would be nice if I could get out of changing ONE poopy diaper.

My new girl at work is doing so AWESOME. Seriously after only a month, she is doing so much better than the last girl did after pulling her along for a year. It is amazing, and it has made my days working at home with the girls so much easier. I can't imagine how great she will be after fully trained. For now, I'm learning a whole new thing about trusting that someone else will do their job and do it right and it isn't my job too! So, you could say, I'm really liking that.

The working out has still been going well and in total, I've lost 12 pounds since December. I'm feeling really good, and the gym during my lunch at the office is so much more doable than outside the house in the evenings. I wish I could run, but since I can't, you will find me occasionally walking on the treadmill and watching old Sex in the City DVDs on the laptops. Carrie's size 2 muscular legs really get me motivated. To what? To walk harder on the treadmill? I'm not sure. But I can last 2 episodes or an hour of walking up hill so that's better than nothing.

I have a million and one funny things that the girls are doing right now, but of course I sit down and get writers block when my fingers are touching the keyboard. Here are a couple of things:

Addie is now quite vocal and knows exactly what she wants, highlights in the morning are her vitamin, brushing teeth, and having milk. Yesterday I got her milk cup out of the fridge and it didn't have much milk in it, when I reached back in, she was handing me back the carton of rice milk out of the door. I thought it was cute that she knew which milk was hers and didn't want to waste any time getting it in.

Lily has been such a big helper lately with Addie, she is always telling her what she should and shouldn't do, in a nice "teacher" type way. Ususally. Of course sometimes I'm sure that Addie thinks she has 2 mommies because Lily is a bit bossy. She likes to tell you what the rules are. It works out good because Addie usually likes to follow what her sis says. Except when she doesn't. She'll let you know.

Addie sings "rock a bye baby" now. She'll prompt me to sing it when we are in bed. She likes to rock her elmo, bear bear, or baby too.

If you start the ABC's and say "A", Addie will say "B".

Lily has almost filled up the Crap, er, I mean Scrap book that Gma Lanie got her at the end of Feb. In just over a month, she has crafted almost 80 pages front and back. It really is something to see.

3 deer were in our yard on Thursday night. It was the entertainment of the evening. The usually get in the field behind our house, but this time they got into the neighbor's yard then jumped the fence into ours. Lily kept saying, "Oh, I hope the do not poop back there, I do not want to help mommy and daddy clean that up" I bet she said that 5 times in a worried voice. Like we have this long history of making her clean up poop outside.

Addie now looks out the window each meal and says "nay" meaning deer meen where the H ARE they mom?

Addie also says "yeah yeah yeah" really fast when you get what she is trying to say? She sounds like Beavis and Butthead.

A friend from college on Facebook got in touch with me after I did a survey about my "First Born". I mentioned our 2 vessel cord, and she has it too, 20 weeks pg. She was so happy to find out that someone else she knew had it after researching all the horror stories. She noticed that my girls looked healthy and fine. She wrote two paragraphs of questions. So I wrote her a novel about my experience while pg with Lily(2V). Imagine that, writing on and on and on. Who does that?

Okay, back to work. I see the plane has taken off, only 23 minutes late and that leaves me exactly 4 hrs left to work! Get ready for lots of pictures from the fun filled weekend ahead!

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