Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday Anniversary

On Sunday we went to Jeremy and Jennifer Ornelas's house for breakfast. It was their wedding anniversary and they invited us over. Lawrence, who is training for Hood to Coast, ran from our house to theirs and met me and the girls there. (He almost beat us, and was happy to run down the hill and not have to run back up!) We had a great day, ended up hanging out most of the day and every one napped (and quiet timed) while moms and dads hung out. We ended up having lunch together, going to the park, and then decided, what the heck, let's make dinner together too!
We went to Jack park near their house and had a lot of fun. We played soccer, sort of, it could have also been classified as keep-a-way or fetch. Everyone had fun chasing the ball. Especially Lily, she is FAST. Addie was a pretty good kicker in her rain boots, which are still over a size too big. She loves them though. We also played a little basket ball, mommy definitely should NOT be teaching that! :)

Don't mind the man who blinks. That's just what he does. It's fine, you know, pictures where both girls are looking and smiling are totally easy to come by, we understand that it's very difficult for an adult to simply keep his eyes open...

Addie climbing up the ladder for the 100th time! So determined. She has her run of the play ground now and can get pretty much anywhere she sets her mind to. Addie kept taking her boots off at the top of the slide then letting each of them slide down for their turn then she'd go. It was funny, we had a 3 man assembly line of getting the kids up and down the slide (including getting Addie back into her boots each time!)
I love this smile! Lily was so happy and well behaved the whole day. She had missed Lucy, and they had a lot of fun (mixed in with a little tattling - to which we usually answered, "do you want to get your friend in trouble and get her a time out? No? Better go try and work it out yourself...and then they did.) Lily also got to see Pinnochio at Lucy's. She only knew it was a book up until now. A favorite book, so finding out it was a movie was a super surprise.
Lily and Lucy swinging together! They love this swing. Swinging was making mommies and daddies motion sick, reminding us of how OLD we are getting. Imagine what we'd do on the Zipper now when we can be pushed too high on a SWING! :(

Addie says Bailee, "Ba-bee" and it is very sweet. Mostly they are trying to get in on what the big girls have going but the little girls are starting to play together a little. Especially when they are in kahoots to get the bigs. Addie is getting very verbal and will repeat most anything you say.

Happy Anniversary Ornelas's! Six years later! :)

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  1. Awesome Pics Jenny! And I died laughing at your comment about Lawrence's blinky eyes. Awesome.