Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It all started when she was about 9 months old and she would crawl over and shut doors, no door in her reach could remain open. Then as she neared a year, she loved her shoes. When you would take them off for her to nap or sleep, she'd remember exactly where you left them immediately upon waking up. She's always had an uncanny nack for knowing if she's dropped something. Even when still crawling, she'd know to turn around and pick it up. And if she ever accidentally drops a raisin from the shopping cart? Forget it, she's "talking" and pointing back at it for the next 3 aisles!

Obsessive Compulsive Addie

Last night when I put her to bed, I pulled down one sleeve that had pulled up a little into her sleep sack. Before I left the room she made me pull down the other sleeve (which was already fully down). It's all about the symmetry. No cupboard or drawer goes opened, no book or shoe out of place. Asking her to close the pantry is a real treat for her (and a rather sly trick for me, by stopping her from actually getting into the pantry digging for food instead).

At 21 months, I never have to worry about letting her eat things like cheerios or crackers on the carpet because I know that if she spills (and she always does) she picks up every last one.

Yesterday I had moved her chair so she could watch a little Elmo while I was working and Lily was at school. For afternoon snack, Lily was sitting in her chair and Addie was standing in the empty place where her chair GOES. She stood there grunting and pointing "chair, chair". Addie do you want mommy to move your chair back? "Yeah, yeah". Please mommy, things need to be in their place!

There are a million more things like this that she does. It is so funny how aware she is of herself and her space, and how much she likes things to be right where they should be.

To counteract the post, I thought I would show you (on one of her all time favorite things to do) that she CAN also fly by the seat of her pants.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. Perfect for the blog. Hilarious. A girl after our own hearts right?

  2. just think when Addie gets older, her room will always be clean, wont have to tell her to straighten it up, she might help you around the house with out having to pay her, and might even help her sister too...
    O.C. - A.D.D.I.E !!!!!

  3. She'll take after grownup cousin Rosy. (I don't think Rose had a chance to indulge in her inner neatnik as a kid.)
    Boy, Addie's really flying on that swing ... and loving it.
    What a character!