Friday, April 10, 2009


Addie: (looking at my gross after work out pony tail sweaty head while I was putting her to bed), "ohhhh eeeewe pepey" (pretty) - that's exactly the noise I make when I put a "pretty" in her "hair".

Lily: (while praying) Thank you for giving me and Addie cookies and for helping daddy to not eat them all.

Addie: putting elbow on hips and palms face up: "Uh iyee doe?" (Where Lily go?)

Mommy: Lily what do you like about princesses?
Lily: That they wear pink
Mommy: What else?
Lily: Hmmm That they are nice and they are like rainbows. I'm going to have to think about that and tell you tomorrow, and if I don't tell you tomorrow I will tell you the day after tomorrow
Daddy: Why do you like Legos?
Lily: I like that daddy likes Legos and we can do it quietly together. I like spending time with my daddy and he likes Legos. (Aww)

When I put Addie to bed at night, she likes me to sing Rock a bye baby. She sings the first line of it, "ock a baby" and rocks her body and hugs whatever baby, stuffed animal, blanket she is holding. She loves it. So usually she's say "Kitty" and I'll sing "rock a bye kitty"or whatever it is. Tonight she said "mama Carkol" (Grandma Carol) So I sang "Rock a bye Grandma Carol", she thought it was THE funniest thing. She couldn't stop laughing at her idea and the fact that I followed through with it. I love the glimpses into a sense of humor!

Here are the girls being silly w/ their Gma Carol during the latest visit.

We pulled weeds on Sunday, while it was beautiful and sunny out.
Lily: Mommy I love pulling weeds, this is so fun.
Me: Yep
Lily: I want to do this every day. I really missed the sun Mommy.
Me: Yep

Next day when we woke up.
Lily: Mommy can me and Tamara go outside today and pull more weeds.
Me: You bet!

Jeez there are so many more, I wish I had a brain recorded. Oh well, imagine all that would be lost to me if I wasn't blogging a few times a week. We are excited for our trip to see me mom tomorrow, though we won't get to Joseph until very late. I worked late tonight and Lawrence and the girls packed the bags. The Easter bunny got the girls 2 pairs of matching pjs. They are going to be SO excited. He also got Addie a few Elmo shaped eggs which are also sure to be a hit.

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