Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photography photo contest - please vote!

I'm posting this again, because it would really mean a lot if each of you who reads this votes.

This is a photography contest that, Joe Whittle, a friend of mine in Jr. High/High School, who went to Brooks College is part of. He needs to be in the top 20 to be considered in winning his dream project and is currently ranked 29. He lives in Joseph. Please vote for him. You have to log in to vote, so no one can vote twice, but it only takes a second and it would mean a lot to him! It also sounds like a very interesting and worthwhile project. To Vote after you have logged in, click on "Pic This" in the yellow box in the upper left hand corner. They don't spam you. Do it today, there are only a few days left.


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  1. I posted my 72 hr. Kit list just for you and a link!