Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ski bunny


Lawrence took Lily skiing on Saturday and she did great. They had a wonderful time.
Here is some footage of Lily going down the hill...

Addie and I hung at home and had a nice walk at the Nature park with the Rose Family. They are expecting a baby in August and found out it is a boy! They are really excited to add another boy to their family of 3 girls and 1 boy!

Lawrence and Lily even accidentally went down a "blue" (intermediate) run because she went the wrong way when they got off the lift. He has a harness and reigns to hold on to her on the way down, but they got tangled and he let go and she went over a part that he couldn't get to her very fast. I guess she went over a little drop where Lawr couldn't see her for a minute, and another guy looked back for someone coming for her, and yelled to Lawrence, she just hit a tree. Apparently it was only a waist high tree, but I didn't get that from the excited voice mail she left me about it (which I've considered transcripting here b/c it is funny NOW). Anyway, they had a great time, she is a pretty good skiier now and she loved telling me about each and everything.

Funny things:

Explanation of skiiers vs snowboarders and how you have to stand on the "magic carpet".

Getting an itch on her bottom and punching it through her snow suit trying to get to it.

Excitement over her first donut and an oatmeal cookie at the mountain.

I want to post another video, but too tired tonight. I'll do it later, check back.

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