Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gymnastics Field Trip

Last Tuesday I got to go with Lily and her class to Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy. It was so fun. For Lily's Preschool each parent is required to do 10 hrs of volunteer time per year, and since I was out of commission for the beginning of the year with a broken foot, I'm making up for lost time. Lily was SO excited that I got to come with her, and drive one of her friends to and from the field trip (we took Allison who is currently her fave). There were lots of moms there, and most of them sat up in a viewing room, however when Lily's teacher asked for a volunteer to take photos and earn and extra 3 hrs of volunteer time, I was HAPPY to do it. So I got to be up close and watch the kids at work. This was even more thrilling to Lily (and I got some good pics of my own). She did great! She really could do well in gymnastics and we've got to get her back in, she is very athletic, and aware of her body and location. She is so strong too, seriously defined muscles. I know this, but after a winter of them not showing I forget how muscular she is. It was so great. I took half a vacation day from work so once we got home, I also had lunch with Tamara and the girls and fully enjoyed my day. It was the start of a week that felt very balanced between work and home with a lot of really quality time with my girls and Lawrence. Click on the collages to see the pictures bigger if they are hard to see.

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