Sunday, March 15, 2009

Princess Tea Party

Lily and I went to a Princess Tea Party on Saturday at the church we have been attending. It was so much fun. Lawrence took Addie to the mall and we had all morning to do our hair in curlers and get all dolled up. We borrowed some dress up stuff (for both of us) from Lucy and her mom, and we were all decked out. Lily LOVED having her hair in curlers and was worried about the rain all weekend taking her curls away.

Our table was decorated with a Little Mermaid theme, and our centerpiece was a real fish. There were 4 moms and their 4 daughters at our table. My friend Tanya's friend Donna called me to invite Lily and I to her table and it was nice to be expected and welcomed.

There was a story for the girls, clips from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and lots of dancing. Lily tasted Tea for the first time and didn't really like it, but was happy with her self for trying it. She also was really cute getting out there and dancing with some little girls and also waiting to be "let in" by a circle of dancing girls. It was interesting to see her out of her element and also sweet to see her get in there.

We had a small meltdown when we left (well it didn't feel so small at the time) regarding a mix up of accidentally thinking one of the decorations was a favor and Lily having to give something back. She was happy to do it, but then when we got to the door to leave she started to cry. We tried to get it worked out, but then she got mad about something else. So I was the mom holding the hand of the screaming princess in the rain to the car. Then I was the mom of the ungrateful girl who was yelling that she didn't get anything in the car. However, when she finally calmed down, she wanted to help me go get wrapping paper for Rob and Nichole's shower gift. Then she said she was sorry and that she didn't really want to leave. She's usually so grateful about every little sticker and piece of confetti, I was surprised by her behavior. But with the sugar and all the princess talk, maybe she was feeling entitled!

The message at the end hit home for me. Basically it was that we are all princesses in God's eyes, and as moms we often feel like Cinderella after the stepsisters have ripped her dress to shreds, but that God sees the beauty in our hearts and to him we are as beautiful as when she was going to the ball. For just a moment, my inner "princess", got teared up at the thought of how wonderful that is to think about.

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  1. This has got to be the BEST thing about having a girl!!! So sweet!