Monday, March 9, 2009

General Update. Random, rambly, and boring, basically unreadable...but do so if you must!

Well the cold bug finally got me. It started last Tuesday on my way home from the gym with Carrie, but I kept pretending I must just have a sore throat from all that talking training my new girl. Then Addie got the croup and all, so I had to ignore myself to take care of her. But by Friday night/Saturday morning, I was struggling! But I sucked it up and powered through, since it was Lawrence's birthday and he never ever asks to do ANYTHING for his birthday (though I usually plea). This was the first time in years that he's actually wanted to have and keep plans on his birthday. So like I said, I faked it and pretended to be okay and off to the mountain we went. Addie slept pretty well Thursday night, considering, after getting a dosage of steroids and antibiotics (for the croup and ear infection), but would not touch the liquid pink antibiotics on Friday (however she is now happily taking the chewables we picked up yesterday, she thinks they are vitamins!). I was so thankful that Tamara caught the croup on Thursday afternoon and that Lawrence took her on Thursday so I didn't have to be up all night on Thursday and spend all day on Friday at the pediatrician. Also because I was starting to feel pretty terrible. Friday was a busy, hectic, stressful day that I don't feel like recreating here.

Josh and Shawna came sledding with us and we did have a very fun time. Me faking part of it, feeling bad, but glad that I'm the type who just makes the best of it. I did feel a little bad because Lawrence drove us all the whole way and ended up doing most of getting the kids and I packed and dressed and pulling them up and down the hill, etc. This was because I could barely get my own snot nose wheezy ass up the hill, much less pull the kids or snap on my own snow shoes. I did a little, but nothing compared to super dad. Luckily Lawrence is in his prime doing stuff like that and he strapped all the adults into their snow shoes, including Josh and Shawna!

Lily has been in full swing of the whining / meltdown curcuit and Saturday was no exception (I guess we are almost at the infamous half year mark). Luckily there was only one major meltdown, but it was right when we got to the mountain and it was blizzarding and we were all trying to get our gear on and Lawrence yelled at her to stop drinking so much water (he was afraid she'd have to go potty after we hiked a mile in!). But that got smoothed over and out we went.

The girls all had fun sledding and eating snow. They all got a little frustrated not being able to move as much as they'd like in the snow. Especially Addie. Toward the end Lily was whiny too, it was hard walking in the snow, and I was whining a little on the inside :). Addie started crying and wouldn't stop, she couldn't move, she didn't have any hands, she was a snotcicle mess, and I (gladly) took her back to the car. She was so happy to get there, she even asked me to put her buckles on while sitting in her car seat. She wanted to make sure she wasn't going anywhere. She and I got stripped down, and got snacked up, and then when the rest of the gang came shortly after we were happy enough. Everyone had a blast. Then Josh and Shawna treated us to the YUMMIEST lunch at Mt Hood Brewery, where Lawrence had a BEER FLOAT, Oatmeal Stout and Tillamook Vanilla. He was in ice cream heaven! It was a fun trip, but a lot of work with all the kids, though looking back a cool experience that I'm glad we got to experience with our kids and our good friends. We had our stressfree trip to the Mt a few weeks ago, this was different but also very rewarding.

Yesterday, I felt like crap but got lots of cleaning and organizing done and spend lots of time thinking HOW THE HECK DO THINGS GET MESSY AND IN DISARRAY SO FAST. And I once again considered the inflow and outflow of paper in the house, and how I am in an unfair and losing battle. It is never ending.

Today, I went to work and suffered through. I bought some brand new size 12 rain boots from some one off Craigslist tonight on the way home for Lily. aka Bigfoot. They are pink camo and so cute. Unfortunately I realized something as I was almost home. Though I am bidding on a few pair for Addie, I didn't actually have any for her. And for the first time she is at the age where I can't just walk into the house with new boots for Lily and nothing for her. Let's face it, this girl loves shoes. But BOOTS?!!! Even better! Seriously, I don't know what I was thinking. For some reason it never occured to my medicine head to just not give Lily the boots right away. I guess maybe because the lady had several pairs and she said if the size didn't work to let her know. But still. It could have waited a day. I tried to sneak in and the girls opened the door to me sneaking and scrounging around the garage for Lily's old rain boots to pretend I had something for Addie too. Unfortunately they caught me and I was empty handed for Addie. I made Lily let Addie try them on right after she tried them on. Addie took a few steps and kept saying "wal wal", trying to show me that she could walk like I had just asked Lily to do. Addie is in size 4 shoes, the size that Lily wore at a year. So this means that I don't have rain boots her size. Who puts rain boots on a barely walker (the normal size 4 shoe). Well maybe some people, so no offense if you did. Oh, but if you did and you have a pair of size 4 or 5 rain boot I can borrow for Addie, then let me know and awesome! :)

In any case, I need to go thru the dreaded "shoe bin" in the crawl space to find some new shoes for Addie to make up for it. I know I'm going to regret some of the ones I put in there half muddy or not thouroughly washed off because I didn't have time at the time, thinking that, of course, I'd have time now. Sheesh.

Hmm. In other news we spent $300 for a new window in the family room that cracked on Friday. We were THRILLED so see that our of no where came a crack accross the entire window that makes it look as though the glass is going to fall out. Since we couldn't think of anything better to spend 300 bucks on we are having it replaced tomorrow. I'm looking at the bright side, one less window to clean...those installers better not leave finger prints!

So though we sang to Lawrence 3 times this weekend for his "Birthday week" I have no pictures of that. My new camera battery is not last long and the delay is awful, it ALWAYS says "processing" grrr. Here are a few of the sleding and snow eating. Lily's favorite was the cookies and cream snow. The kids thought Lawrence was hilarious. Lily said we have to make daddy dinner one night (he's the one who cooks since he gets off at 3), since, and I quote, "Making dinner for someone is the nicest thing you can do on your birthday week". Great, I hope Chicken Nuggets on Friday for movie night will work for her!

Lily, Addie, and Lawrence made us pancakes for dinner last night. And yummy homemade blueberry syrup. Everyone ate well, and Lily and Lawrence split the rest of the ice cream cake. Addie had a soy yogurt in graham cracker crust. It was a wonderful end to the weekend. A few of the pictures are of the girls on their "work station" in the kitchen.

And yes, the Buckeye gear was a tribute to dear old dad. Lil and Lawr also went "training" for her cheetah half mile run coming up at the zoo in April. Enough rambling for me, this night time cold medicine is about to knock me out. Nighty night.

Oh, one more thing. Some bear cubs without their mama were spotted on Bull Mtn today. That's where we live. Awesome, in addition to the crazy winter/spring/winter/spring weather, we are also on bear alert!

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