Monday, March 16, 2009

20 minutes of sun

Rain rain go away....

This time of year in Portland, you just don't know WHAT the weather is going to do. Seriously last week it snowed on Monday and was 60 on Friday. Sideways rain all weekend. Yesterday the sun started shining and we took the change to go out for a walk/run. Lily is training for her Run for the Cheetah, half mile fun run at the end of April. We had such a blast. And I got the best impromptu pics of the girls. This one below of Lily and Addie wasn't posed, they were just hugging each other on their own. They are so sweet I want to eat them sometimes!

I was trying to get pictures of Addie running in her rain boots but it just didn't do justice. So I made the video below. You can hear he saying "cold" and "cheese". It was sunny, but still freezing and windy out. When she sees the camera she says "cheese" same with when she brushes her teeth! :)

If you want to see the collage bigger, just click on it. Get ready to laugh at the sight of Addie running in those boots...they are size 5 and a little too big, she has two pairs of socks on and tights, but she LOVES them. Teeny tiny feet, next to her sis who wears size 12! True to Portland form, it started a torrential down pour complete with black clouds and darkness about 3 minutes after we got home. But we did take advantage of our 20 minutes of sun and we laughed our heads off with the girls and got some exercise too. What a great life we have!

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  1. So cute Jenny. The picture of the girls hugging? Lily looks just like Lawrence and Addie just like you. It's so sweet!